circular fashion

(名詞/不可數) 循環服裝 - 以要穿一段很長時間的方式和概念來設計和製造的衣服,它們最終不是被丟棄而是可以被修復或重新設計,因此對環境造成的破壞微乎其微、甚至不會對環境造成任何破壞。

As it stands, most fashion products are made from new textiles, sold, worn, discarded and sent, eventually, to landfill … or worse, they are incinerated. Circular fashion looks to disrupt that linear trajectory, keeping clothing and materials in use through recycling, repurposing and rewearing, avoiding where possible making completely "new" products and reducing the amount of ecologically harmful waste.
[, 16 March 2020]