(名詞) 網路男蟲或女蟲假冒身份來騙取對方交往的惡行。
catfish:(動詞) 網路男蟲或女蟲假冒身份騙色騙愛;(名詞) 網路男蟲或女蟲。

註:這個詞源自美國 2010 年一部名為 "Catfish" 的紀錄片。"Catfish" 在台灣的中文片名叫做《非識不可》(Facebook),大陸則直譯為《鯰魚》。

And while what happened to Manti Te'o is bringing the term to light, we shouldn't talk about catfishing like it's a new thing. Ever since there's been an Internet, there's been a fat guy in an undershirt pretending to be a hot model. Social media only makes the lie more believable and more noticeable.
—Scott Kleinburg, "Don't be the next Te'o," Chicago Tribune, January 24, 2013

Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson was unsympathetic to their claims, finding that their conduct was objectionable enough to warrant censure by the university. She specifically calls them out for "catfishing" their victim.
—Kashmir Hill, "'Catfishing' Gets Its First Legal Mention," Forbes, April 26, 2013