(名詞/不可數) 裝窮釣魚 - 裝窮或假裝自己錢不夠來騙他人為其購買東西的做法。

It turned out that Siobhan had fallen victim to a trend for a misrepresentation of money – sometimes called "brokefishing" – that has been rising as the cost of living continues to bite. You'll know the perpetrators as the friends who make an empty promise to pick up brunch "next time". A new riff on catfishing, this is where someone paints a misleading picture of their monetary situation in order to coax you into providing from your own coffers.
[, 6 April 2024]

事實證明,Siobhan 成了一種金錢扭曲趨勢 — 有時被稱為「裝窮釣魚」— 的受害者;隨著生活成本的持續上揚,這種趨勢一直在上升。你將會知道裝窮釣魚的人就是那些做出空洞承諾說「下次」會請吃早午餐的朋友。這是新的「鯰魚釣魚」手法的重現,也就是有人對自己的財務狀況做了誤導性的敘述,來騙你從你自己的保險箱中拿錢出來給他。