abide by; add on; agree with; allow of; argue down

abide by +
遵守,遵循 (協議、決定或規章);信守 (承諾等)
Competitors must abide by the judge's decision. (參賽者必須服從裁判的裁決)
I will abide by my promise. (我會遵守諾言的)

add * on +
You have to add the VAT on to the price. (你必須把增值稅也算在價格內)

agree with +
(通常用於否定句或疑問句) 適合 (某人的身體或胃口);贊同 (某事);吻合,一致
I like lobsters but unfortunately they don't agree with me. (我喜歡吃龍蝦,可惜吃了以後不舒服)
John doesn't agree with giving money to beggars. (約翰不贊成給乞丐錢)
The verb agrees with its subject in number and person. (動詞在數和人稱方面必須與其主詞一致)

allow of +
容許;容許有 ... 的可能
The rules don't allow of any exceptions. (這些規定不容有任何例外)
The task is so urgent that it allows of no hesitation. (任務非常緊迫,不容遲疑)

argue * down
I argued Jack down fiercely. (我狠狠地把傑克駁得無話可說)