distraction addict

(名詞) 容易分心且經常分心而忘了手邊工作的人。亦寫成 distraction-addict
distraction addiction (名詞):容易分心;經常分心。

Over the past few weeks I've been trying to let myself be bored, and to note the type. A confirmed distraction addict, I often found it torturous, but at times surprisingly rewarding.
—Kate Bussmann, "Is boredom good for you?," The Telegraph, June 1, 2014

There is definitely a correlation between my digital activity and my stress and anxiety levels. And I do more than ever to keep the latter in check: massages, reflexology, yoga, acupuncture, exec coaching — oh, and lots of wine and off-loading to friends. One thing I haven't yet tried is a digital detox. But the truth is: I am addicted. I find myself craving distraction. I'm a distraction addict and digital is my drug.
—Amanda Davie, "Is our digital behaviour causing bad behaviour?," The Drum, March 13, 2015