It's a miracle! Blind man, 76, sees again after kissing picture of his late wife/76歲盲男親吻亡妻照片後奇蹟似復明

A blind pensioner who was told he would never see again has miraculously regained his sight - while kissing a photograph of his late wife as he prepared for bed.

George Hudspeth has been registered blind for 10-years after he was diagnosed with dry macular degeneration. He lost his sight completely one year ago and expected to live the rest of his life in darkness.

But last week his vision suddenly returned moments after he held a photograph of his late wife Sheila, who died in November 2009.

The former Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant was so ecstatic he stayed up all night until 5am watching television in case his sight went again.

It means the 76-year-old grandfather has seen his baby granddaughter for the first time following the incredible recovery, which has baffled eye specialists.

Mr Hudspeth, from Daventry, Northamptonshire, said: 'I want to tell the world because I am sitting on top of Mount Everest shouting "I can see."

'I can't explain it. I can't find the right words. I can see just as well as anybody else. It is truly incredible and I couldn't be happier.'

Doctors had previously told him that he would never be able to see again after the condition worsened last year. Both Mr Hudspeth's father and sister had gone blind through the condition.

But last Tuesday, the former serviceman's life changed when his sight miraculously returned. (Daily Mail)


pensioner – (n.) 領取養老金者。

miraculously – (adv.) 奇蹟地。miraculous (adj.):奇蹟的,神奇的;miracle (n.):奇蹟。

photograph of his late wife -- (phr.) 他亡妻的照片 (即照片中的人是他的亡妻)。如果這張照片是他亡妻所有 (但她不在照片中),那就要寫成 a photograph of his late wife's。

(be) diagnosed with – (phr.) 被診斷患有。

dry macular degeneration – (n.) 非出血性黃斑退化症。

lose (one’s ) sight – (v.) 失明。

in darkness – (phr.) 一片黑暗。例如:The front rooms were all in darkness. (前面的房間陷入一片黑暗)。

ecstatic – (adj.) 狂喜的;欣喜若狂的。

stay up – (phr. v.) 熬夜。

baffle – (v.) 使困惑,難倒。

Mount Everest – (n.) 聖母峰,珠穆朗瑪峰 (珠峰)。

couldn't be happier – (phr.) 十分高興。「can’t/couldn’t + 比較級形容詞」意為「完全…;十分…」,如 I couldn’t agree more. (我完全同意)。所以,couldn't be happier 就是「十分高興」,意思就是說再也沒有什麼事比這更令人高興了。