(名詞/可數) 從未感染新冠肺炎 (COVID-19) 的人。此外,這些人亦被稱為 super-dodgers 或 COVID virgins;換言之,這三個名詞是同義詞。

If you consider yourself a “Novid,” in other words, someone who has never had COVID, are you mistaken, special, or just plain lucky? Researchers are trying to answer that question.
[, 4 August 2022]

If you haven’t had COVID-19 yet, explain yourself, please.

How is that possible? Globally, there have been more than 663 million cases of COVID since the virus first began circulating. Your family has probably had it. Your colleagues. Your neighbors. Your mailman, manicurist, and hair stylist. Your dog probably even had it. Stories of those who’ve somehow avoided the virus seem impossible to fathom now that three years have passed since it first started spreading around the world in early 2020.

But for scientists, these so-called “super-dodgers,” or Novids, or COVID virgins, as some are calling them, are important research subjects. If scientists can determine whether they have some unknown antibody, or genetic code, or mysterious cell makeup that has helped them ward off COVID the way Superman deflects bullets, then perhaps that knowledge could be used to create better vaccines or treatments for everyone.

[, 23 January 2023]