(名詞/不可數) 男性施打肉毒桿菌 (Botox) 的療程。

The rise of so-called Brotox is being reported in the UK, where the male grooming industry is worth an estimated £500 million a year. Celebrities aren't immune from this trend. Plastic surgeons say that more and more male stars appeared to be "jumping on the Brotox bandwagon".
[, 12 August 2023]

據報導,英國正興起所謂的 Brotox 風潮;在英國,男性美容產業的年產值估計為 5 億英鎊。名流也不能倖免於這股趨勢。整形外科醫生表示,越來越多的男明星似乎「一窩蜂跟進這股 Brotox 風潮」。