(名詞/不可數) 蘋果汁化 - 在含有幾種不同果汁的飲料中使用蘋果汁作為主要成分,尤其是在名稱或包裝上都沒有明確說明使用蘋果汁的情況中。

Last week, an X user shocked the internet in a viral thread by pointing out that most mixed juices and smoothies are mainly made from apples. The post looked at 13 juices in a supermarket aisle, noting that the majority were made with 50% apple juice or more, despite not having any apple in the name. It was described as "applejuiceification and the illusion of choice".
[, 1 April 2024]

上週,X (前稱推特) 一名用戶在一篇網路瘋傳的 Thread 貼文中,指出大多數混合果汁和冰沙主要是由蘋果製成,這一說法震驚了網路。該貼文檢視了一家超市走道中的 13 種果汁,指出大多數果汁都含有 50% 或更多的蘋果汁,儘管名稱中沒有蘋果。這種情況被形容為「蘋果汁化與選擇的幻覺」。