Stepford app

(名詞) 程式設計上十分刻板、老套或沒腦的軟體。

註:Stepford 原為美國康乃狄克州一個田園小鎮的名稱,但在 1972 年美國一本名為《The Stepford Wives》的書籍出版後,這個字即被用作形容詞,意為「(尤指一個人) 欠缺思考能力的,墨守成規的」,如 Stepford employees/teenagers/parents/politicians (欠缺思考能力或墨守成規的員工/青少年/父母/政治人物)。《The Stepford Wives》在 2004 年被拍成同名電影 (中文片名為《超完美嬌妻》),由妮可·基嫚 (Nicole Kidman) 和馬修·鮑德瑞克 (Matthew Broderick) 主演。


No one seems to market tech products in the image of the most famous virtual assistant in film history. Hal from “2001: A Space Odyssey” was so brilliant and manly that it attempted to kill off the crew of the spacecraft it was built to manage. Instead, people build what I call “Stepford apps.” These are the Internet’s answer to those old sci-fi robots in dresses mopping floors with manufactured enthusiasm.
—Joanne McNeil, “Why Do I Have to Call This App ‘Julie’?,” The New York Times, December 19, 2015

Why are applications like Siri designed to be women? Is that how artificial voices and to some extent intelligence stand out in majorly male dominated environments? Why are these voices cold? Being on a railway station will never be the same. Why are there stepford apps?
—dagannalena, “I liked…,” Instagram, December 24, 2015