urban miner

(名詞) 從廢棄的電子裝置或設備抽取金屬的人或公司。
urban mining (動名詞)。

"Electronics are filled with hazardous materials, like mercury, lead, cadmium, palladium, platinum, arsenic and other metals," he said. "If we keep this stuff above ground and handle it right and we can commoditize it. We've become the new urban miners of the world."
—Al Gibes, "E-recycler sees pieces of prosperity in obsolete gadgets," Las Vegas Review-Journal, June 13, 2010

Business owner Jerry Shelfer and his wife, Michelle, started Hi-Tec Recycling in 2003, gathering up discarded computers, monitors and other electronic gear before they enter landfills. ... Calling himself an "urban miner," Shelfer says everything from the memory chips in computers to the copper wiring in cables has some value.
—Tom Abate, "'Urban Miner' extracts revenue from discarded electronics," The San Francisco Chronicle, August 15, 2010