loud budgeting

(名詞/不可數) 大聲的預算 - 向別人開誠佈公地說出自己想省錢,對於不想花錢的地方就不會花錢的做法。

The loud budgeting movement exploded on TikTok earlier this year, and it’s easy to see why. Loud budgeting is all about setting financial boundaries and making your money goals loud and clear when facing pressure to spend. Loud budgeting is a financial strategy that puts your money aspirations front and center for friends and family to see. It involves clearly vocalizing why you might choose not to spend money — even if you have it.
[cnet.com, 17 February 2024]

今年稍早,大聲預算運動在抖音 (TikTok) 上爆發,原因顯而易見。大聲的預算就是在面臨支出壓力時設定財務界限並讓您的財務目標眾所周知而且清晰明確。大聲的預算是一種財務策略,它將您的金錢願望放在最重要的位置,讓朋友和家人都看到。這包括清楚地說出為什麼您可能選擇不花錢 — 即使您有錢。