reverse lie-in

(名詞/可數) (早晨) 早起床 - 比平常早很多就上床睡覺,然後在隔天早晨提早起床。

Lie-in (名詞) 意為「(早晨) 晚起床,賴床」;片語動詞 lie in 意為「睡懶覺」(參見下面的例句)。Reverse lie-in 與 lie-in 正好相反。

I decided I had had enough of being permanently exhausted, and always wishing I could have a lie-in. I had to accept that, as a 40-year-old mother, my days of lie-ins are behind me. So … every day, I have a reverse lie-in. A reverse lie-in, for those who have no idea what I'm talking about, involves going to bed extremely early. And I mean extremely early. Toddler early. We're talking 8pm here, at the latest.
[, 15 May 2021]