World's youngest female karate black belt/全球最年輕的女子空手道黑帶

Varsha Vinod
Varsha Vinod, 5, the girl from Allappuzha, India, is the world's youngest female karate black belt. In May, Varsha became the youngest ever girl to get an officially recognized black belt.

Varsha, who is a student at the KoInChi Academy of Martial arts in Allappuzha, India, has to train for a gruelling two and half hours a day to keep her skills fresh. Varsha has been training since she was just two years old.

The five-year-old's talents are so amazing computer game makers and creators of the Lara Croft Tomb Raider series, Eidos, have taken notice.

Her skills have been replicated in the software houses' latest computer game Mini Ninjas.

She said: "I hope I can get better and I want to keep doing karate."

The Guinness Book of Records and India's own record book Limica are now looking into Varsha's achievement to create a new world record. (Telegraph)


karate -- (n.) 空手道。

black belt -- (n.) (柔道、空手道等上段的) 黑帶。

the youngest ever -- (adj.) 歷來最年輕的。the youngest ever girl = the youngest girl ever。「最高級形容詞-ever + 名詞」(最高級形容詞和 ever 之間一般都有連字號) 這種句型相當常用,亦可寫成「最高級形容詞 + 名詞 + ever」,如 " worst-ever disaster = worst disaster ever " (歷來最為慘重的災難)。

officially recognized -- (adj.) 正式承認的;正式認可的。

martial arts -- (n.) 武術。

grueling -- (adj.) 令人受不了的。

skills -- (n.) 搏鬥技巧。

Lara Croft Tomb Raider -- (n.)《古墓奇兵:風起雲湧》(電腦遊戲名稱)。

Eidos -- (n.) 一家電腦遊戲開發商。

take notice -- (v.) 注意。

replicate -- (v.) 複製。

Mini Ninjas -- (n.)《迷你忍者》(電腦遊戲名稱)。

do karate -- (v.) 打空手道;練空手道。

Guinness Book of Records -- (n.) 金氏世界記錄大全。

Limica -- (n.) 印度記錄大全。