(名詞/可數) 友房東 - 將住家的房間出租給朋友的人。這個字是由 friend + landlord 拼綴而成。

There's limited data on friendlords, but we know the number of homeowners taking in lodgers has tripled in the last ten years. Housing expert Vicky Spratt notes: "Troublingly, such agreements are as commonplace as they are flimsy, with homeowners from younger generations renting out rooms to lodgers and friends to cover their mortgages."
[, 26 January 2023]

目前關於友房東的資料很有限,但我們知道過去十年來接納房客的屋主人數增加了 3 倍。住房專家 Vicky Spratt 指出:「令人不安的是,此類協議既常見又脆弱,年輕一代的屋主將房間出租給房客和朋友以支付房貸。」