count towards; cover for; cover up; damp off; deal in

count towards +
The coursework counts towards the final grade. (這項課程作業將被算作最終分數的一部分)

cover for +
為 (某人) 掩飾錯誤、隱瞞罪刑或找藉口等
Amy would cover for her boyfriend when he came in late. (艾美的男友遲到時,她都替他掩飾)

cover for +
I covered for Gary while he was off sick. (蓋瑞請病假時,我就頂替他)

cover * up +
Tom tried to cover up his mistake. (湯姆企圖掩蓋他的錯誤)

damp off
(植物因水分過多而) 腐壞;枯萎
It rained so much last month that nearly half the crops damped off. (上個月雨水過多,近半數的農作物都泡水死了)

deal in +
買賣 (某物);經營 (某商品)
Our company mainly deals in hardware and software. (我們公司現在主要經營硬體和軟體)