(名詞) 一個人的姪女、外甥女、姪子和外甥 (A person's nieces and nephews)。亦寫成 nieflingsneiphlings。這個字是由 niece + nephew + -lings 拼綴而成,可視為姪女、外甥女、姪子和外甥的中性集合名詞。
-單數型:niephling 或 niefling。

Excitingly, by the time we arrive for Christmas, the newest niephling, who's due in about a week courtesy of my other sister, will also be there.
—Francoise Harvey, "Hanky PANKy," Bookworms and Coffee Monsters, December 8, 2013

Oh, and one important difference with the zoo's kid freebies is that the cutoff is 11 years old. So no tweens here, please. On the upside, parents can now inform their eager 12-year-olds that they are "too grown up" to be considered kids. I know a few of my niephlings would dig that.
—Barbarella Fokos, "Children, children everywhere," San Diego Reader, October 3, 2014