World's first sand hotel/全球第一家沙旅館

World's first sand hotelThe world's first ever sand hotel has been made in Dorset and is accepting its first guests for £10 a night.

It took 1,000 tonnes of sand and a team of four sculptors working 14 hours a day for seven days to build the structure on Weymouth beach.

Guests can book to stay in the hotel, which includes beds made out of sand, until the rain washes it away.

The structure was created by a hotel company to celebrate a resurgence of holidaymakers flocking to the seaside.

The sand hotel offers a twin and double bedroom, while the roofless structure gives guests the chance to "star-gaze" at night, the firm said.

But there are no toilet facilities and people were warned the sand "gets everywhere".

Mark Anderson, creator of the sand hotel, said: "It is the biggest sandcastle-like structure ever in the UK.

"Four of us worked hard and with the help of a JCB we got it built. The beds are made of sand so it can get everywhere, especially between the toes.

"But the best thing is in the morning the tide laps through the door, what a great way to wake up." (BBC)


first ever/biggest... ever -- (adj.) 歷來第一的/歷來最大的。最高級形容詞後面的 ever 意為「在任何時候;至今」,可放在該形容詞所修飾的名詞之前 (如第1段的 the first ever sand hotel) 或名詞之後 (如第7段的 the biggest sandcastle-like structure ever)。

Dorset /Weymouth -- (n.) Dorset 是英國西南部的一個郡,而 Weymouth 是該郡的一個鎮。

resurgence -- (n.) 再起;再現。

holidaymaker -- (n.) 假日遊客。

flock -- (v.) 蜂擁到;成群地去。

twin and double bedroom -- (n.) 兩張單人床和一張雙人床的房間。twin beds 為成對的單人床,而 double bed 為雙人床。

stargaze -- (v.) 觀星,看星星,眺望星星。stargazer (n.):看星星的人;占星師;天文學家;夢想家;空論家。

toilet facility -- (n.) 衛浴設施。

"gets everywhere". -- (v.) get everywhere 原意為「到各個地方」,在此指沙是鬆軟的,不固定的,腳一踩下去就垮掉了,弄得到處都是。這裡之所以將引號和句號列出,是要說明英美標點符號的差異:在美式用法中,逗號和句號 (又稱逗點和句點) 是位在引號內,而在英式用法中,逗號和句號除非是引言的一部份才位在引號內,否則位於引號外。由於本文是英國 BBC 的報導,所以句號位在引號外,但在本文最後一段,由於是引用整句話,所以句號是位在引號內。

JCB -- (n.) 工程車 (engineering vehicles)。這是英國一家名為 J. C. Bamford (Excavators) Ltd. 的公司所出產的工程車 (J. C. Bamford 為該公司的創辦人),並非日本信用卡組織 JCB。英文中這種以公司名來稱呼其產品而使「專有名詞通俗化」的例子不少,這些商標名雖仍維持大寫,但已被當作一般用語,泛指各該用品、食品等,例如「冰棒」叫做 Popsicle (這是一家生產冰棒的公司名稱)。

lap -- (v.) (波浪) 輕輕拍打。