train up; trigger off; trudge through

train * up +
We need to recruit and train up more police officers. (我們必須招募和培訓更多警察)

trigger * off +
使 (人) 生氣
Our remarks triggered Paul off and he started shouting at us. (我們的話使保羅生氣,所以他開始對我們大吼大叫)

trigger * off +
The crisis was triggered off by government's failed policies. (這項危機是因政府政策失敗所引起)
The racial killings in recent months have triggered off a wave of protests. (最近幾個月所發生的種族屠殺引發抗議浪潮)

trudge through +
艱難地做 (工作),費力地完成 (任務)
I spent the whole weekend trudging through the papers. (我花了整個週末費力地處理這些文件)