push about/around; push ahead; push ahead with; push along

push * about/around
使喚 (某人);對 (某人) 粗暴地發號施令
If you think you can push me about like that, you're mistaken. (如果你認為你能那樣使喚我,那你就錯了)
My boss is always pushing me around. (我的老闆老是把我呼來喚去)

push ahead
(堅定地) 繼續進行,大力推行
They wanted to halt the plan, but we decided to push ahead. (他們想要中止這項計畫,但我們決定繼續推行)

push ahead with +
(堅定地) 繼續進行,大力推行
The company has decided to push ahead with the legal action. (該公司決定繼續採取法律行動)

push along
It's getting late and I'd better be pushing along now. (時間晚了,我現在最好走人)