lip dub

(名詞) 對嘴配音影片:拍攝一人或多人對嘴 (lip-synch) 唱歌,之後再進行配音 (dub) 的影片 (video)。亦寫成 lip-dub, lipdub
lip dubbbing (動名詞)。

We're talking about "lip-dubs," a video phenomenon embraced by high schools, colleges, and businesses across the nation. Whether the goal is to raise publicity, inspire fund-raising, generate spirit, or just have fun, the everyone-must-participate requirement has made lip-dubs a favorite for institutional team-building.
—John Timpane, "Everybody dub now," The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 9, 2011

This city can't get enough of Rob Bliss, the urban artist and visionary who attained worldwide fame for the west Michigan city with a YouTube video that has drawn a staggering 2.8 million views in less than two weeks.

Bliss' lip dub video—in which a parade of Grand Rapids celebrities and residents lip-sync a song in a single, sweeping take—"was awesome," Nancy Jesko, a breathless bank worker, ran up to tell Bliss last week.
—Mark W. Smith, "City lip-syncs its way into fame on Youtube," Detroit Free Press, June 8, 2011