broken rung

(名詞/可數,通常用單數) 斷裂的梯級 - 某人在職業生涯的初期階段可以快速地晉升,但之後就很難獲得更高職位的情況。參見 glass ceiling (無形限制,無形頂障,通常指職務晉升中無法逾越的限制)。

Although women have made gains in representation at the senior level, advancements are slower at the manager and director levels. "The 'broken rung' is the biggest barrier to women's advancement," said Rachel Thomas, Lean In's CEO and co-founder. "Companies are effectively leaving women behind from the very beginning of their careers, and women can never catch up."
[, 18 October 2023]

雖然女性擔任高層職位的人數有所增加,但在經理和主任級別上,晉升的速度則較慢。Lean In 的執行長暨共同創辦人 Rachel Thomas 說:「『斷裂的梯級』是女性升遷的最大障礙。」她說:「公司實際上是從女性職業生涯一開始就將她們拋在後面,而女性永遠無法趕上。」