dry off; dry out; dry up; dump on; dust down/off

dry * off +
(使) 變乾;(把表面) 擦乾、弄乾
Tom had a shower and dried himself off. (湯姆淋浴後把身體擦乾)
She dried herself off and got dressed. (她擦乾身體後穿上衣服)

dry out
He went to a clinic in Taipei to dry out. (他到台北一家診所接受戒酒治療)

dry * out +
Sunbathing will dry out your skin. (日光浴會把你的皮膚曬得乾燥)

dry up
(河流、湖泊等) 乾涸;(供給等) 中斷;說不出話;(餐具洗後) 擦乾
The lake dried up because of the water extraction for vegetable and fruit farming. (由於抽水灌溉蔬果種植,這個湖泊乾涸了)
Her main source of revenue had dried up, leaving her short of money. (她的主要收入來源中斷了,使她阮囊羞澀)
He dried up in the press conference. (他在記者會上說不出話來)
My wife washed and dried up. (我太太清洗並擦乾餐具)

dry * up +
(清洗餐具後) 把 (餐具) 擦乾
I dried the dishes up. (我洗完餐盤後將它們擦乾)

dump on +
My boss always dumps on everyone when things go wrong. (當事情出錯時,我老闆總是責怪每個人)
When you're depressed, you need someone to dump on. (當你沮喪時,你需要有個人來聽你傾訴)

dust * down/off +
(尤指長時間不用後拿出來) 整理,備好待用;開始複習 (尤指一段時間內擱置不用的技藝或語言)
They brought out the old computers, dusted them down and put them back into use. (他們將舊電腦拿出來修理後再使用)
I'll have to dust off my Japanese if we're going to move to Tokyo. (如果我們要搬到東京的話,我就得把日語重新學起來)