deal with; deck out; dial up; dine out; dine out on

deal with +
對付 (難纏的人或難辦的事);應付;處理
She frequently needs to deal with difficult customers. (她經常需要與難纏的顧客打交道)
I will deal with these problems. (我會處理這些問題)

deal with +
關於,涉及 (某內容);論述
The new movie deals with Internet bullying. (這部新電影講述的是網路霸凌)
The article deals with an important social phenomenon. (這篇文章涉及一個重要的社會現象)

deck * out +
The street was decked out in flags. (街道上掛滿了旗幟)

dial up
You can dial up and access your files. (你可以撥號上網來存取你的檔案)

dine out
We rarely dine out these days. (現在我們很少外出用餐)

dine out on +
(尤指吃飯時) 講 (某個故事、某一經歷等) 來逗樂或做笑談
I've dined out on the story of his accident. (我在晚餐時都要對別人講起他所發生的事故)