(名詞) 哥本哈根化 - 抑制機動車的發展,而以步行和腳踏車為交通核心,使得城市 (道路) 變得比較安全的過程。

The concept of Copenhagenization has become a celebrated form of urban planning. It refers to what you see before you. A city that doesn't just make cycling possible, but redesigns its streets to make it the norm.
—"Quest Means Business," CNN Transcripts, June 6, 2011

In mid-July, a group of 18 Chicagoans including Deputy Mayor, Steve Koch, went on a study trip to Copenhagen to seek the council of Danish experts.
—Mai-Britt Kristensen, "Chicago enroute to 'Copenhagenization'," Cycling Embassy of Denmark, July 22, 2013