(名詞/可數) 氛圍衰退- 人們對經濟感到非常擔憂和悲觀的時期,但實際上經濟卻處於強勁地位。這個字是由 vibe (氣氛,氛圍) + recession (經濟衰退) 拼綴而成。

Oddly, surveys have consistently shown most Americans feeling pretty good about their own financial situation. But they insisted that bad things were happening to the economy — that is, other people. The commentator Kyla Scanlon coined the term "vibecession," now widely used to mean a situation in which negative views about the economy don't seem to match up with the data.
[, 22 January 2024]

奇怪的是,調查一致顯示,大多數美國人對自己的財務狀況都覺得良好。但他們堅稱,經濟 — 也就是其他人 — 正在發生不好的事情。評論員 Kyla Scanlon 創造了 "vibecession" (氛圍衰退) 一詞,現在被廣泛地用來指對經濟的負面看法似乎與數據不相符的情況。