(名詞/可數,通常用單數) 與 COVID-19 確診者有密切接觸的簡訊通知。這些同時收到通知的人為數眾多,他們被告知必須自我隔離。由於不能去上班,一些公司企業和服務事業的運作便出現了問題。

這個字是由 ping + pandemic 拼綴而成,前者意為「電子郵件的寄送;手機簡訊的發送」,後者為「大流行病」。

With case numbers rising sharply in England as restrictions are lifted, the country has seen what has been dubbed as a "pingdemic", with hundreds of thousands of people told to stay at home after being deemed to have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19.
[, 28 July 2021]