slip into; slip off; slip off to; slip on; slip out; slip up; smoke out; snaffle up

slip into +
迅速穿上 (衣服)
I got out of my suit and slipped into my pajamas.

slip into +
逐漸陷入 (不良的習慣或不好的狀態、處境等)
The country is slipping into recession.

slip off
悄悄地離開 (某地);不動聲色地離開 (某地)
The party was very boring so we slipped off before it finished.

slip * off +
迅速脫掉 (衣服)
I slipped my shoes off when I entered.

slip off to +
We slipped off to the pub.

slip * on +
迅速穿上 (衣服)
Jack slipped his jacket on and rushed outside.

slip out
悄悄地離開 (某地);不動聲色地離開 (某地)
The party was really dull so we slipped out and went to the pub instead.

slip up
The waitress slipped up and didn't bring us what we had ordered.

smoke * out
用煙將 (人、動物或昆蟲) 燻出
The police smoked the gang out and arrested them.

snaffle * up +
(尤指在別人之前) 買到;拿到;吃掉
They snaffled up all the food before we got there.


sleep around; sleep in; slice off; slice up; slip away; slip by; slip in

sleep around
He's slept around a lot since his divorce.

sleep in
Let's sleep in tomorrow morning - we won't have another chance for weeks.

slice * off +
They sliced 10% off the original price.

slice * up +
I sliced the cake up and handed it round to the people there.

slip away
They managed to slip away early.

slip away
(時間) 悄然地消逝,不知不覺地過去
Three years has slipped away since her husband's death.

slip away
錯過或失去 (成功、致勝等的) 機會或希望
Their hopes of getting back into the game slipped away after the second goal.

slip by
(時間) 悄然地消逝,不知不覺地過去
Three years has slipped by since her husband's death.

slip by
錯過或失去 (成功、致勝等的) 機會或希望
Mary had the chance to switch jobs, but she let it slip by.

slip * in +
(不引人注意地) 插入 (話題)
He slipped in a mention of his exam results to remind us how well he did.


sing along; sing out; sing up; single out; slacken off; slant toward

sing along
She sang along when they played it on the radio.
If you know the lyrics, sing along.

sing out
"Auntie Susan," Paul sang out.
When you hear your name, sing out!

sing out
Everyone sang out during the chorus.

sing up
We can't hear you - sing up.

single * out +
A lot of people applied for the job but we will single out the best one.

slacken off
(使...) 放慢;減緩;減弱
Work slackens off during the holiday period.

slant toward +
That travel magazine is totally slanted toward the ultra-rich.


short out; shout about; shout down; shout out; sidle up to

short out
(使) 短路
The battery shorted out when it got wet.

shout about
Failing your English exam is nothing to shout about.

shout * down +
大聲喊叫以壓倒 (某人) 的聲音
His efforts to raise the issue were shouted down.

shout * out +
Cindy shouted out my name.

sidle up to +
偷偷地 (或悄悄地) 接近某人
A man sidled up to me and whispered his name.
A woman sidled up to me and asked if I wanted a ticket for the match.


shake out; shake up; shoot away; shoot back; shoot for; shoot off; shoot out; shoot up

shake * out +
把 ... 抖乾淨
He took the tablecloth outside and shook it out after dinner.
You should have shaken the dust out of the rug.

shake * up +
The news of her death really shook me up.

shake * up +
The management are shaking things up and getting rid of a lot of workers.

shoot away
快速離開 (某地);馬上離開 (某地)
He shot away as soon as the bell rang for the end of the lesson.

shoot back
I'm shooting back home to pick up some things I forgot to bring with me.

shoot for +
力求達到 (某個目標)
I’m shooting for nothing less than the presidency.

shoot off
快速離開 (某地);馬上離開 (某地)
I'll have to shoot off as soon as the lesson finishes, otherwise I'll miss my train.

shoot out
I'm shooting out to the shops for a bottle of wine.

shoot up
The share prices of internet companies have been shooting up lately.

shoot up
There were pubs shooting up all over the city.

shoot * up +
The gangsters shot up the pub.


sell on; set apart; set to; set upon; shade in

sell * on +
We buy them at a low price and sell them on for a huge profit.

set * apart
The quality of their work sets them apart from their rivals.

set to
If we all set to, we should be able to finish this in a few hours.

set upon +
They set upon her when she was in the car park.

shade * in +
(在圖上) 著深色;塗深色
She shaded in the area under the tree.


saddle up; saddle with; saw at; saw off; saw up; scale back/down; scale up

saddle * up +
上馬鞍;給 (馬) 裝鞍具
She saddled up the horse and rode off.

saddle * with
They saddled me with preparing the visit.

saw at +
(為切割某物而) 拉鋸般來回移動
Tony was sawing at the piece of chicken with his knife.

saw * off +
He sawed off the legs of the chair.

saw * up +
把 … 鋸成小段
We sawed the plank up to make the shelves.

scale * back/down +
縮減,縮小 (規模、數量等)
They had to scale back the project because of the costs.
The search operation has been scaled down.

scale * up +
增加,擴大 (規模、數量等)
They are scaling up the program because it has been so successful.


rush away; rush into; rush off; rush out; rustle up

rush away
They rushed away when the police arrived.

rush into +
They don't want to be rushed into giving an answer and have asked for more time.

rush off
Tony rushed off to get to his medical appointment.

rush * out +
倉促生產,趕製 (產品)
They rushed the single out after it started getting airplay.
The publisher rushed out a hardcover edition of the book.

rustle * up +
We rustled up dinner from what was in the fridge.


rub along; rub down; rub in; rub it in; rub off on; rub out

rub along
They're not friends, but we rub along.

rub * down +
I rubbed myself down with a dry towel.

rub * down +
The trainer rubbed her down after the race.

rub * in +
He applied the steroid cream and rubbed it in.

rub it in
Even though the minister had resigned, the press rubbed it in by publishing more details of the scandal.

rub off on
(好的事物) 對 … 產生影響,感染
His enthusiasm rubs off on everyone around him.

rub * out +
He rubbed out the figure and wrote the correct one in.

rub * out +
幹掉 (某人)
The gangsters rubbed him out for stealing from them.


roll by; rope in; rope off; rough up; round off; round on; round up

roll by
(時間) 消逝
Three years has rolled by.

rope * in +
說服 (某人) 去做 (不情願做的事)
The teacher roped her students in to carry her stuff when she had to change classroom.

rope * off +
(通常因有危險而) 用繩索將某區域圍起來
The celebrity entrance was roped off from the general public.

rough * up +
毆打 (某人);對 (某人) 動粗
The mugger roughed him up when he refused to hand his wallet over.

round * off +
圓滿完成 (或結束)
Winning the FA Cup rounded off a wonderful season for Arsenal.

round on +
The prime minister rounded on critics who have been calling for his resignation.

round * up +
Dozens of political activists have been rounded up for questioning.