whip into; word up; work over; work through; wrap around/round

whip into +
Tom whipped into the convenience store for a packet of cigarettes.

word * up +
The lawyer worded her client up before the police interview, so they go very little out of him.

work * over
The gangsters worked Jack over and robbed him.

work * over
Sam worked it over until he had got it right.

work * over +
The new company worked over the market looking for bargains.

work through +
(透過思考和交談來) 處理、解決、化解或消除 (問題 - 通常指情緒方面的問題)
It took Cindy a long time to work through her anger after she lost her job.

wrap * around/round
Molly wrapped a scarf around her head because it was so cold.
Luke wrapped his arms around his girlfriend.
I wrapped the cloth round my fingers to keep warm.


well up; wheel around/round; wheel out

well up
(液體、眼淚) 流出,湧出
Mary felt tears welling up when she heard the news.
Tears welled up when I heard a good friend of mine had died.

well up
(強烈情緒或感受) 湧起
Anger welled up inside me when I saw what they had done.

wheel around/round
(站著時) 快速轉身
Tina wheeled around and smiled at me.
When Kent heard the whistle, he wheedled round to see what was happening.

wheel * out +
提出,推出 (以前使用過多次的解釋、理由或藉口等,因此已沒有公信力或影響力)
Tony wheeled out the same old excuse last time this happened.
They were always wheeling out their similar arguments. (他們老是舊調重彈)


weigh down on; weigh in; weigh in on; weigh in with; weigh on; weigh out; weigh up

weigh down on +
The requirements of Amy's new job weighted down on her.

weigh in
(旅行出發前) 稱 (行李) 重量;(拳擊、賽馬等比賽前) 稱體重
Brown weighed in at 120 kilos.

weigh in on +
Mary weighted in on their immigration policies.

weigh in with +
Tony disliked the plan and weighed in with some heavy criticism.

weigh on +
The decision to study abroad has been weighing heavily on Monica's mind.

weigh * out +
Could you weigh out 2 kilograms of the fruit for me?

weigh * up +
評估;盤算;權衡;(在做出決定前) 仔細考慮某事
The board of directors weighed the pros and cons up carefully before deciding.


wave aside; wave down; wave off; wave on

wave * aside +
He waved aside my objections and carried on with the plan.

wave * down
揮手示意 (車輛) 停下來
Jack waved the van down and got a lift after the accident.

wave * off
揮手向 (某人) 告別
John waved his girlfriend off at the station.

wave * on
The accident was bad, but the police waved us on.


walk through; waltz through; wander off; waste away

walk * through
(耐心地、詳細地) (向某人) 說明 (某事);(耐心地、詳細地) 教 (某人) (某事)
He walked me through the procedures.
Can someone walk me through how to install Windows8?

waltz through +
輕而易舉地完成、取得、獲勝或通過 (考試等)
Sarah waltzed through the tests and got the highest score.

wander off
(未告訴任何人,不吭一聲地就) 離開 (某地)
Paul wandered off and got lost in the crowd.

wander off
The lecture was boring and my mind wandered off after ten minutes.

waste away
(因病) 日漸消瘦、衰弱
My grandfather wasted away as his cancer got worse.


tow away; trip out; type in; type out; urge on; urge upon; usher in

tow * away +
拖吊 (尤指違規停放的車輛)
Cindy parked in a no-parking zone and they towed her car away.

trip out
(使用麻醉藥品後) 產生幻覺
After taking the LSD Peter tripped out for hours.

type * in +
He typed the text in and printed it out.

type * out +
(用鍵盤) 將 ... 全文打出
The student typed her essay out and handed it in the last minute.

urge * on +
The crowd urged the players on.

urge * on/upon (urge sth on/upon sb)
說服、要求或施壓 (某人) 接受 (某事)
They urged the contract on the company. (他們說服那家公司接受合約)
Helen urged the agreement upon Billy. (海倫要求比利接受協議)

usher in +
His appointment as CEO ushered in a whole new phase in the company's growth.
We always give a party to usher in the New Year.


toss about/around; toss back/down; toss for; toss off; toss out; toss up

toss * about/around +
We tossed ideas about before the negotiations.
They tossed my plan around a bit and then rejected it.

toss * back/down +
Jeff tossed back his beer and left.
I tossed a couple of drinks down before they arrived.

toss for +
擲硬幣 [猜正反面] 來決定 (某事)
We tossed for who would eat.

toss * off +
Wendy tossed off the essay the night before she had to hand it in.

toss * out +
She's tossed out those old books.

toss up
擲硬幣 [猜正反面] 來決定 (某事)
We tossed up to see who would start.


throw away; throw in; throw off; throw on; throw out; throw over; throw together; throw up

throw * away + (= throw out)
Don't throw away those bottles; we can recycle them.

throw * in +
Buy a computer now and get a free printer thrown in!
The shop threw in a printer so I bought a computer from it.

throw * off +
迅速脫掉 (衣服等)
Sam threw off his shoes and flopped on the settee.

throw * off +
擺脫 (壞事);甩掉,擺脫掉 (追趕者)
It took me two weeks to throw off my cold.
They threw the police off at the bridge.

throw * on +
迅速穿上 (衣服等)
Robert threw on a jacket and rushed outside.

throw * out + (= throw away)
I asked him not to throw out the Sunday newspaper because I wanted to save an article.

throw * out +
迫使 (某人) 離開 (房間、屋子、學校等)
Mary threw out her roommate because she stopped paying rent.
The school threw Tony out for smoking.

throw * out +
Bruce slipped on the ice and threw out his shoulder.

throw * out + (= throw over)
The committee threw the proposal out.

throw * out +
發出 (光、熱等);冒煙,冒氣
The truck throws out a lot of smoke.

throw * over +
與 (某人) 分手;與 (某人) 斷絕關係
Mary threw Allen over last year.

throw * over + (= throw out)
I flatly threw over the agreement.

throw * together +
She threw a quick dinner together before we left.

throw up
If you drink too much alcohol, you might throw up.

throw * up +
The system has thrown up a lot of problems.

throw * up +
Cindy threw up her job to go travelling.

throw * up +
揚起 (灰塵);濺起 (水)
The road was bumpy and the car in front was throwing up so much dust that we could hardly see where we were going.


stare down/out; stomp off; stomp on; team up; team up with; text out

stare * down/out
盯得 (某人) 不敢再對視;盯得 (某人) 感到緊張 (註:stare down 為美式英語,stare out 為英式英語)
Children enjoy a silly competition in which they try to stare each other down.
The time and place were not suitable for an argument, but at least I could express my opposition to the woman by staring her out.

stomp off
John lost his temper and stomped off home.

stomp on +
They stomped on their competitors.

team up
Peter and Paul teamed up to publicize the issue.

team up with +
(與某人) 聯手;(與某人) 合作
I teamed up with Janet to do the job.

text out
I was feeling too tired to go and texted out.
Man, I can't bear the thought of going to dinner with Sophia again, so I think I am going to text out.


speak out; speak up; spill out; spill over; spirit away; spirit off

speak out
People are afraid to speak out in oppressive political regimes.

speak up
They couldn't hear the speaker and asked him to speak up a bit.

spill out
(人) 蜂擁而出
The crowd spilled out onto the streets after the match had ended.

spill out
The container was cracked and the chemicals spilled out.

spill out
Mary always lets her frustration spill out.

spill over
擴散 (到其他地區)
The protests and demonstrations have spilled over into neighboring provinces.

spill over
My wife forgot to turn the tap off and the water spilled over.

spirit * away +
They spirited the girl away before the police arrived.

spirit * off +
They spirited that guy off before any trouble started.
Protesters were spirited away/off before they could cause a disruption.