(名詞/單數) 一天吃一餐 ("one meal a day" 的縮寫) - 這是目前流行的數種間歇性斷食法 (intermittent fasting) 之一。

OMAD is an extreme fasting diet. As the name suggests, it involves eating just one big meal a day, with fasting or very minimal eating in between. The key focus of this kind of diet is weight control and simplicity. But while fasting itself isn't new, the research on its health impacts is still in its infancy and there are very few studies on OMAD and the evidence supporting other more periodic types of fasting can't necessarily be extrapolated into extreme fasting.
[, 25 May 2023]

OMAD 是一種極端的斷食減重法。顧名思義,它就是每天只吃一頓大餐,兩餐之間禁食或吃很少的食物。這種斷食法的重點是控制體重和簡化生活。但是,儘管斷食本身並不新穎,但有關它對健康影響的研究仍處於初步階段,而且有關 OMAD 的研究也很少;至於支持其他週期性 (即間歇性) 斷食類型的證據未必能被推斷為極端的斷食。