dumpster fire

(名詞) 極度失控的人、組織或情況。

In one of his regular appearances on the sports network, Finebaum claimed that while Miami used to be a college football dynasty, it is now a “dumpster fire.”
—“Analyst calls UM football program ‘dumpster fire’,” ABC News Local 10, October 27, 2015

“Whenever someone was having a really bad day, or someone was completely out of sorts, she’d just go, ‘Oh man, guy’s a dumpster fire.’ Or she’d go, ‘Oh, that whole organization is a dumpster fire,’” Wise recalled in a phone conversation recently.
—Claire Fallon, “Where Did ‘Dumpster Fire’ Come From? Where Is It Rolling?,” The Huffington Post, June 24, 2016


post-factual democracy

(名詞) 後事實民主國家 - 無知與不理性凌駕於事實與理性之上的民主國家。

Finalising slides for tomorrow’s keynote at @DTUtweet on ‘Evidence-Based Policy-Making in a Post-Factual Democracy’.
—David Budtz Pedersen, “Finalising slides for…,” Twitter, May 9, 2016

Thirdly and perhaps most significantly, we now live in a post-factual democracy. When the facts met the myths they were as useless as bullets bouncing off the bodies of aliens in a HG Wells novel.
—Nicholas Barrett, “Fed up millennials speak out,” Financial Times, June 24, 2016



(名詞) 透過電視頻寬未使用的空間來傳輸的無線網路。亦寫成 White FiWhiteFi。這個字是由 white + WiFi 拼綴而成。

註:White-Fi 的正式名稱為 802.11af,有時亦叫做 Super WiFi。相較於一般的 WiFi,White-Fi 的主要優點是,可以傳輸較遠的距離且擁有較佳的牆壁穿透力或穿牆力 (wall penetration),因此適合農村地區的無線傳輸。

—Rajiv Rao, “Can ‘White-Fi’ transform India? Fabless Saankhya and Microsoft think so,” ZDNet, October 23, 2015

New devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers that know how to detect unused spectrum can use it to transmit wireless broadband signals, also known as “WhiteFi” or “Super Wi-Fi.” These frequencies are especially useful because they can carry a lot of data over long distances and reach indoors.
—Amy Nordrum, “3 Ways To Bridge The Digital Divide,” IEEE Spectrum, April 14, 2016


fog computing

(名詞) 霧端運算 - 資料的儲存、應用、處理及其他運算服務都是由附近的裝置來傳送。參見 cloud computing (雲端運算)。

說明:在 cloud computing 中,"cloud" 暗示資料和服務與要求資料和服務的人員或裝置距離遙遠,因為雲遠在天邊。然而,由於霧接近地面,所以在 fog computing 中,"fog" 係暗示資料和服務接近要求資料和服務的人員或裝置。譬如說,Windows 10 就有一項設定可讓用戶選擇不要從微軟的中央雲端伺服器下載系統更新檔,改由透過區域網路或透過網際網路點對點 (Peer-to-Peer, P2P) 方式從附近其他用戶的個人電腦下載更新檔。

Fog computing” describes a way of loading processing power onto devices, from smartphones to simple sensors, at the furthest edges of networks.
—Zach Noble, “How ‘fog computing’ makes the IoT run,” FCW, July 31, 2015

Here are some important criteria:
A flexible deployment model that allows for running the software on a shared or private cloud, in your own data center, or in a “fog computing” infrastructure on the edge of the network.
—Stephen Lawson, “Don’t rush your company into an IoT app platform,” InfoWorld, January 12, 2016


dark social

(名詞) 隱密的社交 - 不公開且無法直接追蹤或記錄的線上社交互動。

It’s increasing the demand for “dark social” apps that provide ways to talk through on digital media without leaving an easily traceable footprint. Snapchat’s messages disappear after being seen or read (although not necessarily securely). Meanwhile, Yahoo's new LiveText livestream video chat service will also have conversation delete after the user closes the session.
—Michelle Castillo, “Firms offer ‘dark social’ to protect your privacy,” CNBC, July 31, 2015

Although many brands are looking to tap into the power of influencers on public social networks, for example, savvy marketers are beginning to explore the opportunity of reaching consumers through private social channels such as messaging apps, sometimes referred to as ‘dark social’.
—Charlotte Rogers, “What’s next for influencer marketing?,” Marketing Week, June 16, 2016



(名詞) 公共和私有空曠地帶 (open spaces) 的長期維護與管理。亦寫成 place-keeping。請注意 (wide) open spaces (開闊的空曠地帶) 與 open ground (空地) 的不同。

For Tom DeCaigny, the SFAC’s director of cultural affairs, the Treasure Island development project isn’t just about “placemaking” — a buzzword in the world of urban planning — but, rather, “placekeeping.” That is, honoring Treasure Island’s past and the communities that have shaped it, while recognizing the incredible alterations it will undergo in the years ahead.
—Sarah Hotchkiss, “City Plans to Transform Treasure Island with $50 Million for Public Art,” KQED, July 21, 2015

Three presenters summarized their perceptions and experience. Roberto Bedoya began by talking about how he’d conceived the alternative frame of placekeeping in terms of “spatial justice.”
—“Human Rights and Property Rights: Placemaking and Placekeeping,” U.S. Department of Arts and Culture, March 21, 2016


black elephant

(名詞) 目前不太可能發生,但每個人都知道確實存在卻又不願提及或討論,或者故意裝作不知道、視若無睹的重大風險。這個片語是由 black swan (極度罕見但會造成重大影響的事件) + elephant in the room (目前存在或顯而易見、但不被承認或被忽視的棘手問題) 拼綴而成。

“Currently,” said Sweidan, “there are a herd of environmental black elephants gathering out there” — global warming, deforestation, ocean acidification, mass extinction and massive fresh water pollution. “When they hit, we’ll claim they were black swans no one could have predicted, but, in fact, they are black elephants, very visible right now.”
—Thomas L. Friedman, “Stampeding Black Elephants,” The New York Times, November 22, 2014

Cybersecurity is like a “black elephant” — a dangerous crossbreed between the “black swan” risk (capable of producing unexpected outcomes with enormous consequences) and the “elephant in the room” (a large problem that is in plain sight).
—David N. Lawrence, “We Don’t Need a Crisis to Act Unitedly Against Cyber Threats,” Knowledge@Wharton, June 1, 2015


bully wallet

(名詞) 霸凌錢包 - 利用金錢來發揮或行使不公平或不道德的影響力。

Beyond the specially designed signs that bear his name over the new tollway plazas, Blagojevich over the last two months has dispensed more than $100 million in grants for various purposes, ranging from bicycle paths and snowmobile trails to park improvements and new ethanol-processing facilities.
—John Chase & David Mendell, “Wielding a bully wallet,” Chicago Tribune, October 30, 2006

The battle between Gawker and the tech titan Peter Thiel has made him look like a spiteful manipulator with a bully wallet.
—Tom Clynes, “Peter Thiel’s Dropout Army,” The New York Times, June 4, 2016



(名詞) 土壤和積雪之間的夾層 - 是許多物種冬天的庇護所。這個字是由 subnivean (積雪的下方) + refugium (庇護的地方) 拼綴而成。


With the heavy snow starting in mid-January, I predicted the critters of the subnivium would have an easy time of munching on the garden shrubbery, and that certainly came true, at least in our area.
—Fred Gralenski, “Quoddy Nature Notes (4/20/15),” The Middleton Stream Team, April 20, 2015

The small area between the snowpack and the ground, called the subnivium (from the Latin nivis for snow, and sub for below), might be the most important ecosystem that you have never heard of.
— Kimberly Thompson, “Beneath the snowpack lies a secret ecosystem: the subnivium,” Aeon, May 31, 2016


social bankruptcy

(名詞) 社群破產 - 被社群媒體主宰、淹沒、壓垮的情況;唯一的解決之道就是關閉所有社群媒體帳號。

It’s the modern way of the world and everyone loves it. …well, not everyone. In a new clip from Portlandia Carrie has had it and decides to go off the grid and to declare social bankruptcy.
—Melissa Locker, “Watch Carrie declare social bankruptcy on Portlandia,” IFC, March 11, 2014

During the event, a film called “Social Bankruptcy” showcased what life would be like without social media, and how it affects individuals. Social media is everywhere, and it’s unavoidable, having become a communication tool for the majority of society.
—Melissa Chandler, “Social networking vs. handwritten letters to remain connected,” The Commuter, March 9, 2015