glacier blood

(名詞/不可數) 血冰川 - 高海拔環境的積雪因氣溫升高而融雪變薄,土壤中的澡類因此快速且大量生長而使積雪顯現粉紅色或紅色的現象。隨著地球暖化加劇,氣溫愈來愈高,雪的紅色也會愈來愈深。

In late spring, when the snowfall thaws, the mountain's snow changes from a colorless hue to alarming shades of deep, rusty red. Dubbed "glacier blood," the phenomenon occurs when algae rapidly overgrow, and researchers suspect it can reveal how climate change affects high elevation environments like the Alps.
[, 14 June 2021]