ferret about/around; fetch up; finish off; finish up; finish up with

ferret about/around (in/among/through sth.)
(在某物中) 到處搜尋
I was just ferreting about/around in my drawer for my ID card. (我當時正在翻抽屜找我的身份證)

fetch up
(主英) 偶然來到,意外到達
I wonder what time Allen will fetch up. (我不知道艾倫何時會突然現身)

finish * off +
完成,使完結;吃完,喝完,用完;殺死,毀滅,幹掉 (尤指已受傷者);(在體育比賽中) 擊敗 (對手)
I want to finish off this letter before I go to bed. (我想寫完這封信再上床睡覺)
We may as well finish off this box of chocolates - there's only a little bit left. (我們不如把這盒巧克力都吃了 — 反正只剩下一點點)
The wildebeest was badly hurt, so they finished it off to end its suffering. (那隻牛羚受傷嚴重,所以他們就把牠殺了來結束牠的痛苦)
John could wrestle well enough to finish off most of his opponents. (約翰摔角摔得很好,他的對手大多是他的手下敗將)