(名詞/不可數) 簡訊約會 - 與您在約會軟體上認識的人互傳許多文字訊息,但從未親自見過他們進行面對面的約會。

If you've ever found yourself in a back and forth texting marathon with a potential partner only to wind up with no actual in-person date to show for your time, you've probably been a victim of dexting. A combination of "dating" and "texting", dexting is when people form strong bonds over text after meeting on a dating app but never actually arrange a real date.
[, 7 September 2023]

如果您發現自己與可能的伴侶進行了一場來來回回的簡訊馬拉松,結果卻沒有實際的面對面約會,那麼您可能就是簡訊約會的受害者。Dexing 是由「約會」(dating) 和「簡訊」(texting) 組合而成,是指人們在約會軟體上認識後透過簡訊或文字訊息建立了牢固的聯繫,但實際上從未安排過真正的約會。