tour tourism

(名詞/不可數) 巡迴演唱會之旅 - 出國觀看歌手或樂團現場演唱會的活動。巡迴演唱會的英文叫做 concert tour 或簡稱 tour。舉辦巡迴演唱會的歌手叫做 touring singer, touring artist。

Tour tourism is just like the usual travel that people make to go to another place, only this time they go on a journey to see their favorite artist perform. Expedia, an online travel brand, notices a sharp increase in it and sees Taylor Swift as the reason behind it. Aside from Taylor Swift, another equally famous pop star also caused the soar of tour tourism: Beyoncé and her Renaissance Tour.
[, 12 November 2023]

巡迴演唱會之旅就像人們平常前往另一個地方旅行一樣,只不過這次是為了去看自己喜歡的歌手的演出。網路旅遊品牌 Expedia 注意到巡迴演唱會之旅急劇增長,並將泰勒絲視為背後的致因。除了泰勒絲之外,另一位同樣著名的流行歌手也帶動了巡迴演唱會之旅的蓬勃發展:碧昂絲和她的文藝復興巡迴演唱會。(譯註:泰勒絲的巡迴演唱會名稱叫做 The Eras Tour)