bidirectional charging

(名詞/不可數) 雙向充電 - 一種可將電動車電池中的電力轉移出車輛並用來提供其他設備電力的系統。

One of the most talked about features in the EV world works only when your car is parked: Bidirectional charging allows owners to turn their vehicles into four-wheeled batteries, sending power back to their homes, appliances and even to the utility grid. Currently, bidirectional charging is available in only a handful of cars. But its popularity is growing: GM announced that the technology will come standard in all its electric vehicles by model year 2026.
[, 4 September 2023]

電動車界最受關注的功能之一只有在汽車停車時才有作用:雙向充電可讓車主將他們的車輛變成四輪電池,將電力輸送回他們的住家、電器用品甚至公用電網。目前,只有少數汽車支援雙向充電。但它受歡迎的程度正與日俱增:通用汽車 (GM) 宣布,到 2026 年,該技術將成為其所有電動車的標準配備。