swear off; switch off; switch on; switch over to

swear off +
After years of addiction, Paul swore off drugs completely. (上癮幾年後,保羅發誓徹底戒毒)
Cindy swore off alcohol after getting drunk at her friend's wedding. (辛蒂在她朋友的婚禮上喝醉後下定決心戒酒)

switch * off +
關閉 (開關)
John switched off the lights, locked the door and left. (約翰關燈、鎖門後離開)

switch off
If Peter gets bored, he just switches off and looks out the window. (彼得覺得無聊時,就心不在焉地朝窗外看)

switch * on +
打開 (開關)
He switched on the lights when he entered the room. (他進入房間後打開電燈)

switch * on +
(通常不是發自內心地) 突然變得,突然裝出
When a customer walks in, Mary switches on the charm. (一有顧客走進來,瑪麗就馬上裝出一副親切可人的樣子)

switch over to +
He played baseball for ten years before switching over to teaching. (他打了 10 年的棒球後轉換跑道去教書)
Shall we switch over to Channel 55? (我們轉到 55 台好嗎?)



(名詞/不可數) 寓運動於樂的健身課程 (fitness classes)。

So, how do we navigate this confusing world of entertrainment? How to sort off the marketing gimmicks from the genuinely useful concepts? Firstly, it’s worth repeating Beverley’s line: movement is good for you, and if fun, faddy classes help get you working out, then that’s probably a good thing. Don’t beat yourself up about loving entertrainment if it works for you.
[www.telegraph.co.uk, 22 March 2019]



(名詞/不可數) 微排程 - 每分鐘都有活動規劃的行程安排。引句中提到,微軟創辦人比爾‧蓋茲 (Bill Gates) 以及特斯拉創辦人伊隆‧馬斯克 (Elon Musk) 都是以五分鐘為一個單位來規劃行程。

The CEOs have said it: scheduling meetings, lunch breaks and workouts is no longer enough. To hit peak productivity, micro-scheduling is the best option: in other words, planning every minute of your day, down to checking your phone and making tea. It’s all the rage in Silicon Valley: Bill Gates and Elon Musk both split their days into five-minute chunks. And New York-based entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk reportedly plans his day out to the second.
[standard.co.uk, 21 February 2019]


laughter club

(名詞/可數) 大笑俱樂部 - 一群人定期聚會一起開懷大笑以促進身心健康的團體

It’s no joke. Laughter clubs exist all over the country. They’re run by “certified laughter leaders” – often psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists – who are trained in the healing benefits of laughter. These workshops can help you connect with others as you get in a good laugh.
[www.rd.com/health/wellness, no date]


strip of; strip off; strip out; swallow up

strip of +
剝奪 (某人) 的 (頭銜、獎項、職位等)
He was stripped of his knighthood after the scandal. (那項醜聞後他就被剝奪了騎士頭銜)
He was stripped of his honors after he was convicted of stealing from the company. (他被判定偷竊公司財物後就被剝奪了所有榮譽)

strip off
They stripped off and swam naked in the river. (他們脫光後在河裡裸泳)

strip * off +
脫掉 (一件衣服)
It was so hot that I stripped off my shirt. (天氣太熱,我脫掉了襯衫)

strip * out +
忽略不計 (某個具體數字或細節 ,以了解真正重要之處)
After stripping out property sales, the firm's operating profits dropped five percent. (若忽略不計出售的房地產,該公司的運營利潤下降了 5%)

strip * out +
The engineer had to strip out all the old wiring and start again. (這位工程師不得不把舊有的線路全部拆除,從頭再來)

swallow * up +
An increasing amount of the countryside is being swallowed (up) by the town. (越來越多的鄉村地區被城鎮所吞沒)
Large companies have swallowed many small businesses up. (大公司已併吞了許多小企業)

swallow * up +
The plan swallowed up all my money. (這項計畫把我所有錢都用光了)


homebody economy

(名詞/不可數) 宅經濟。亦叫做 otaku economy。Homebody 和 otaku 分別為英文和日文的「宅男;宅女」)。

As you get older, you start to realise that having cool, fun New Year’s Eve plans is overrated. And now brands are starting to realise that, too. As part of a larger effort to capitalise on the “homebody economy” — or millennials who prefer to stay at home and spend money on self-care items rather than go out — services such as Netflix and Domino’s Pizza are launching promotional campaigns on Instagram and Twitter explicitly targeted at the stay-at-home crowd.
[www.businesstimes.com.sg, 29 December 2018]



(名詞/可數) 微工作者 - 負責在線上執行一些小規模但重要之工作的人,因為這些工作需要人工輸入、無法用電腦完成。

Two years ago she swapped her dental practice for online work as part of the global army of hidden "microworkers" – performing tasks that machines alone cannot. Think of a day in your “digital life”. Whether it's your phone's search engine recommending relevant restaurants or a music app's suggested playlist – none of this would be possible without microworkers.
[www.bbc.co.uk/news, 2 August 2019]


serial returner

(名詞/可數) 連環或連續退貨者 - 從網路購買許多衣服並在試穿後將其中大部分或全部衣服退還給商家的人 (通常是因為商家允許他們免費試穿和退貨)。

I have always been a serial returner. I order clothes, try them on and send them back. I am not alone. Now stores, which have attracted consumers with generous pledges of free delivery and returns, have begun to tighten their policies.
[www.theguardian.com, 15 May 2019]


stretcher off; strip away; strip down; strip (down) to

stretcher * off +
(把受傷的運動員從比賽場上) 用擔架抬出去
James had been stretchered off with a broken leg. (詹姆斯的腿斷了,被用擔架從場上抬了出去)

strip * away +
(逐漸) 減少;(慢慢) 除去
If you strip away the rhetoric, their claims have no merit. (如果你拿掉這項說詞,那麼他們的主張就一文不值了)
We stripped away the old paint. (我們刮去了舊漆)

strip * down +
John stripped the engine down and then couldn't put it together. (約翰把引擎拆開,卻無法把它再裝起來)

strip (down) to +
脫得只剩下...;把衣服脫到 (身體某部位)
He had to strip down to his underwear for his medical examination. (體檢時,他把衣服脫得只剩內衣)
The boy was stripped to the waist. (那位男孩被脫光上衣)



(名詞/可數) 房子後面被用作花園的小庭院。這個字是由 yard 和 garden 拼綴而成。

I wanted my yarden to be a quiet place of refuge, somewhere to relax in a slouchy chair after work, with a beer and a book, somewhere to get lost in my slippers on a Sunday morning and, after tweaking out a few weeds, discover that my cup of tea was stone cold and a couple of hours had passed… And as well as a marvellous, lush space, I also wanted to grow my own produce.
[www.telegraph.co.uk, 9 February 2019]