(名詞/可數) 新冠肺炎 (COVID-19) 大流行期間出生的嬰兒。

There’s still a debate whether “coronnials” include babies born during the pandemic. If they’re conceived prior to quarantine, do they still count? Do we really want to ask people when they were conceived? We might as well include all the babies born in 2020 in the “coronnials” generation since some are practically born wearing face shields.
[, 17 April 2020]


social bubble

(名詞/可數) 社交泡沫 - 隨著新冠肺炎 (COVID-19) 封城 (lockdown) 措施逐步解封或放鬆,一小部分獲准相互探視的家人或朋友,如晚輩探視被安頓在長照機構的長輩。

Under the social bubble proposal, people would be allowed to combine their household with one or two others, up to a maximum of 10 people. A cautious version of the plan would probably mean that the vulnerable such as the over-70s and those with underlying health conditions would be advised to keep isolating and not merge with other households.
[, 29 April 2020]



(名詞/不可數) 恐懼程式 - 一種利用人們現有的恐懼感來促使他們點擊會危害自身電腦之連結的網路攻擊。

Cyber criminals are exploiting fears surrounding the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic to spread dangerous malware and hack government computer systems. Security experts have labelled the new trend “fearware”, warning that victims may be more susceptible to be tricked or scammed during times of global uncertainty.
[, 14 March 2020]


bracelet of silence

(名詞/可數) 沉默手環 - 戴在手腕上以防附近智慧型裝置聽到或竊聽配戴者談話的裝置。複數為 bracelets of silence

How worried are you about technology listening to your conversations? Have you ever had an experience that made you think your phone, computer or smart home device was eavesdropping on you? This “bracelet of silence,” developed by two computer science professors and an assistant professor, emits ultrasonic signals when activated, preventing nearby microphones from listening to the wearer’s conversations.
[, 5 March 2020]


tap up; taper off; tense up

tap * up +
He was being tapped up by Real Madrid. (皇家馬德里隊正私下遊說他跳槽)

taper off
His voice tapered off as Jeff realized everyone was listening. (當傑夫意識到大家都在聽時,他的聲音就越來越小了)
Sales have gradually tapered off. (銷售額逐漸下滑)

tense up
(使) (身體或肌肉) 繃緊;(使) 變得僵直
Just relax, don't tense up. (放鬆點,身體別繃緊)
I could feel myself tense up as the teacher touched my neck. (當老師摸我脖子時,我能感覺到自己的身體繃緊了)


regenerative agriculture

(名詞/不可數) 再生農業 - 著重於改善和維護土壤健康的農耕法。

Regenerative agriculture practices increase soil biodiversity and organic matter, leading to more resilient soils that can better withstand climate change impacts like flooding and drought … Importantly, regenerative agriculture practices also help us fight the climate crisis by pulling carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it in the ground.
[, 2 July 2019]


blue acceleration

(名詞/不可數) 人類對全世界海洋資源的使用率急遽增加。

A new study highlights a sharp uptick in marine activity and defines the "blue acceleration" as the unprecedented rush for food, material and space taking place in the ocean.
[, 13 February 2020]


burglary tourism

(名詞/不可數) 闖空門旅遊 - 到國外有錢人的住家或豪宅闖空門偷竊的行徑。

Thieves ransacked his home while he and his wife were away in October last year. The gang stole more than £33,000 worth in belongings, including a gold Rolex watch. It’s believed he was the latest target of “burglary tourism” which involves foreign criminals flying to the capital to target luxury homes. The thieves are difficult to track because they are missing from police databases and usually flee the country soon after the raid.
[, 15 January 2020]


social gifting

(名詞/不可數) 做善事代替送禮。


More and more engaged couples are shunning lavish wedding presents in favour of so-called ‘social gifting’. These couples, typically in their early 30s, have no use – or space – for expensive homeware. Instead, they ask their wedding guests to carry out small acts of kindness, such as picking up litter, volunteering at a local charity or helping an elderly neighbour with their groceries.
[, 16 February 2019]



(名詞/可數) 傳統妻子 - 在家相夫教子且逆來順受的妻子。這個字是由 traditional 和 wife 拼綴而成。

The tradwives have been keenly giving interviews about how they are the true feminists in choosing not to work, to which anyone with a modicum of knowledge about feminism would say: “We gave women the choice – that’s the point! Bake banana bread until the sun comes up, if it makes you happy!” Whether they are still the true feminists in suggesting that “husbands must always come first if you want a happy marriage”, as Pettitt has tweeted, feels more debatable.
[, 27 January 2020]


My wife has traditionally feminine and wifely qualities such as submissiveness, chastity, and willingness to do household chores. She's a tradwife. (我太太具有傳統女性和妻子的特質,如順從、貞潔且願意做家事。她是個傳統妻子)