sew bro

(名詞/可數) 縫紉哥 - 喜歡縫紉、做針線活且喜愛自己做衣服的年輕時尚男。

Meanwhile, Google searches for “sewing machines” had increased four-fold in the US. But while the stereotypical sewer has often been an older woman, this has been turned on its head completely: young men, who are now officially known as “sew bros”, are taking hold.
[, 6 May 2021]


peace tourism

(名詞/不可數) 和平旅遊 - 前往先前發生衝突或戰爭的地方旅遊。

然而,和平旅遊活動並不僅限於此,它們還包括參觀著名的和平藝術作品、參觀以和平為主題的展覽以及學生的校外實地考察旅行,如參觀柏林圍牆紀念館 (Berlin Wall Memorial) 和/或廣島和平紀念公園 (Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park) 等等。

Examples of peace tourism activities include educational field trips to sites such as the Berlin Wall Memorial and the Hiroshima Peace Park. It might also take the form of attending workshops and conferences among conflict resolution professionals or going on guided peace walks that delve into histories of achieving or searching for peace. Visiting famous peace artworks and peace-themed exhibitions, as well as festivals and performances are also considered peace tourism activities.
[, 9 April 2021]


re-entry anxiety

(名詞/不可數) 解封焦慮症 - 在新冠肺炎 (COVID-19) 所造成的諸多限制之後,對重返正常生活的焦慮或憂慮感。

Everyone is re-acclimating to (somewhat) normal life differently, and similarly, re-entry anxiety will look different for those experiencing it. Some may feel general anxiety about the idea of returning to an office, after more than a year of working from home by themselves, while others might be reluctant to meet friends for a cup of coffee at an outdoor cafe.
[, 28 May 2021]


ocean vinyl

(名詞/不可數) 海洋黑膠 - 使用在海洋中發現的回收塑膠材料來製作的黑膠唱片。

In 2019, Mercury Prize-nominated singer-songwriter Nick Mulvey achieved a world first by releasing his single In The Anthropocene on what has become known as "ocean vinyl". "Ocean vinyl was a high-quality playable record made entirely from recycled plastic from the local ocean found in beach combs in the south of the UK," says the musician.
[, 24 June 2021]


main character syndrome

(名詞/不可數) 主角症候群 - 你覺得你的人生是一部影片或一齣戲,而你是片中或戲中的主角,至於你周遭的人都扮演比較不重要的角色。這種感覺就叫做主角症候群。

But it's not just me (thankfully) that occasionally pictures myself as the protagonist of my own personal psychodrama – "main character syndrome" has become increasingly prominent in today's discourse, with more and more of us wallowing in brief seconds of solipsism … Sarah Louise believes that it's because of social media platforms that "main character" syndrome has become more popularised, with every action being put under the microscope.
[, 22 June 2021]


winnow down; winnow out; wipe up

winnow * down +
A list of 20 applicants has been winnowed down to three. (20 名求職者已經篩選到只剩 3 人)

winnow * out +
We've winnowed out the weaker candidates. (我們已經剔除了較弱的候選人)

wipe * up +
(用抹布等) 擦掉 (液體)
I was just wiping up the juice that you spilled on the desk. (我剛把你灑在書桌上的果汁擦乾淨)
Do you have anything I could wipe up this mess with? (你有沒有什麼東西我可以用來把這攤髒東西擦乾淨?)



(名詞/可數) 無人駕駛計程車 - 中國大陸一家名叫 AutoX 的公司已在深圳、武漢和上海等數個城市推出無人駕駛的計程車,車內無人而且無遠端遙控,不過尚未對大眾開放服務。

AutoX already has more than 100 robotaxis deployed in five Chinese cities, including Shanghai and Wuhan. Over the next year, it aims to double its reach to more than 10 local cities. Whether the company can pull humans from behind the wheel in other markets depends on local regulators, Xiao said.
[, 8 December 2020]


voice shopping

(名詞/不可數) 語音購物 - 對著手機等智慧型裝置講話來進行線上購物的動作。由於語音購物的顧客不涉及瀏覽型錄,他們通常購買比較主流的產品,如食品、低價的電子產品或不需要眼見為憑的家庭用品。

The growth of voice shopping stemmed out of Amazon's Echo and has revolutionized the tech world since. However, voice shopping comes with a challenge because it does not involve visuals in most cases. So, customers stick to more mainstream products like food items, low-cost electronics, and homeware which do not require much visual research.
[, 9 May 2021]


lockdown foot

(名詞/不可數) 封城腳 - 在新冠肺炎 (COVID-19) 封城 (lockdown) 期間,待在家裡的人不是打赤腳就是穿拖鞋,一段時間後,雙腳就開始變形而成為「封城腳」,難以再穿得下之前正常的鞋子或穿下後腳會痛。

Have you got "lockdown foot"? We've all re-shaped our feet going barefoot at home so here are 5 simple ways to get back into shoes without damaging yours. Thanks to being mostly housebound, we've all been living in slippers or barefoot – and according to one expert, it's had a major effect on the state of our feet.
[, 18 May 2021]


headline stress disorder

(名詞/不可數) 頭條新聞壓力症候群 - 閱讀或看了許多負面或令人擔憂之新聞所引起的壓力和焦慮感。

COVID-19 pandemic headlines can be frightening, especially after watching for an extended period. Consider limiting your news and social media time to prevent "headline stress disorder". Compartmentalize your media time to only a few minutes a day to minimize the anxiety, depression, and overwhelm that too much media can bring.
[, 12 April 2021]