(名詞) 謠言套利 -- 散播不實或誤導的訊息來影響某上市公司的股價俾從中獲利。亦寫成 rumortrage。這個字是由 rumour 和 arbitrage 拼綴而成。

NICK SHERRY: Arising from the recent market turbulence, concerns have been raised that some market participants both here and abroad have been spreading false or misleading information in respect of certain securities. In order to take advantage of artificial changes in their price, induced by the rumours.

This practice is sometimes referred to as "rumourtrage" and numerous members of corporate Australia have raised examples of this with me over the last year, some minor but I'd have to say, some simply shocking that in normal times people would shrug their shoulders and not take any particular notice of.
—"Govt looks to crackdown on 'rumourtrage'," Australian Broadcast Corporation Transcripts, November 19, 2008


pick up after; pick up on; pick yourself up; pig out; pile up; pin down; pin on; pin up

pick up after +
I always have to pick up after him because he leaves things all over the office.

pick up on +
My teacher picks up on any mistake I make and corrects me.

pick up on +
He's very quick to pick up on new trends.

pick up on +
The government has picked up on the reports in the media.

pick up on +
I'd like to pick up on the point that John made.

pick yourself up
It took him a long time to pick himself up after his wife left him.

pig out
The food was great, so I really pigged out.

pile * up +
(使) 堆積,(使) 積壓
The child piled up the bricks until they fell over.

pin * down +
要 (某人) 做出決定,要 (某人) 表態,要 (某人) 採取行動,要 (某人) 遵守 (諾言)
I've asked him to set a date, but he's a hard man to pin down and won't give a definite answer.

pin * down +
確切說明 (某事物) 的性質,明確說明 (某事物);查明,認出 (某人或某事物)
The government can't pin down where the leak came from.

pin * on
把 (罪責、責任等) 加在 (某人) 身上
The police tried to pin the crime on him.

pin * up +
把 (某物) (用針、別針等) 固定在牆壁或其他垂直表面上
I pinned the notice up on the board.


grandparent scam

(名詞) 詐騙老人金錢的騙局 -- 詐騙集團打電話給老年人,假裝是他們的孫子或孫女來向這些老人騙錢的伎倆。這種與國內詐騙集團詐騙手法之一極為相似的騙局亦寫成 grandparents scam。grandparent scam 有一相關的片語叫做 granny scam,同樣意為「詐騙老人金錢的騙局」-- 在此一早在1992年或甚至更早就已出現的片語中,granny 雖是「祖母」,但一般也都用來泛指老年人。

Nicknamed the "emergency scam" or "grandparent scam," the fraud involves crooks phoning elderly people under the guise of one of their grandchildren. The crook persuades grandparent to send money but not tell other relatives.
—Jon Willing, "My dearest one, you've been scammed," The Ottawa Sun. January 27, 2009



(現在分詞/名詞) 晚上外出,前往酒類昂貴或不供應酒類的地方玩樂之前在家裡狂飲 (大肆飲酒)。亦寫成 pregaming

Max and his brothers are pre-gaming. A dozen of them strut about the courtyard of their house on the University of Florida's Fraternity Row, each nursing a cold beer in a foam hugger. A Frisbee flies as Jimi Hendrix blares from the loudspeakers.

The only thing unusual about this day's pre-gaming is that it actually precedes a game. In the two decades since the legal drinking age was raised to 21, the term has come to encompass any rapid consumption of alcohol in private before venturing out to venues where drinking may not be possible.
—Kevin Sack, "At the Legal Limit," The New York Times, November 2, 2008


lactation room

(名詞) 哺乳室:雇主提供給剛生育的女性員工擠母奶和冰存母奶的地方。擠母奶英文叫做 to express/pump (breast) milk;擠牛奶叫做 to milk a cow。

As a rule, the posher the employer, the plusher the pump station. Traders at Goldman Sachs can use an online booking service to reserve time in dedicated lactation rooms, equipped with pumps and chairs; baristas at Starbucks are left to line up to use the customers' loo. In 2007, Oregon became the first state to pass a law requiring companies with more than twenty-five employees to provide "non-bathroom" lactation rooms. (A national media campaign asks, reasonably enough, if you wouldn't make your kid a sandwich in a public rest room, why would you expect a woman to bottle her baby's milk in one?)
—Jill Lepore, "Baby food," The New Yorker, January 19, 2009