(名詞) 推特 (Twitter -- 微網誌;微型部落格) 社交網路服務及使用該服務的人。這個字是由 Twitter 和 universe 拼綴而成,亦寫成 twitterverse, Twitter-verse

The Twitterverse is expanding.

Twitter, that microblogging tool that caught on with teens and twenty-somethings using it to tell loyal followers what they're doing at any given time — in 140 characters or less — is now becoming part of the business strategy for a wide range of brands, from Skittles to Fairfax County. ...

Shashi Bellamkonda, Network Solutions' social media swami (yes, that's his real title), organized the tutorial, attended by about 30 people. He's a more prolific Twitterer than most, posting anywhere from five to 15 tweets per day about anything from his daily routine to the news. Big companies such as Dell are active in the Twitterverse addressing customer service issues, he said.
—Kim Hart, "Firms Take to The Tweetable Business Model," The Washington Post, March 9, 2009


Mum bathes baby in breast milk/母親給嬰兒洗母奶澡

baby in breast milkA Chinese new mother is producing so much breast milk that she baths her baby in the excess each day.

Mrs Luo, of Chongqing, says she is producing two liters of milk more than she needs to feed her six-week-old daughter Shan Shan.

Mother, husband and her mother-in-law had all been drinking the extra milk but she says they still have plenty left over.

Luo's mother-in-law said they were all beginning to feel like they were drinking too much milk: "Then I suggested why not give the baby a breast milk bath, and they took my advice," she said.

Luo said the milk bath makes her Shan Shan's skin really smooth and white.

But she is looking for someone to donate her extra breast milk to as she feels that bathing her baby in breast milk is too much of an indulgence. (Chongqing Times – 重慶時報)


breast milk -- (n.) 母奶。breastfeed (v.):餵母奶。breastfeeding (n.):餵母奶。

so…that -- (phr.) 如此…以致於。在這個超常用的表示因果 (cause and effect) 關係的句型中 (其中 that 為附屬連接詞),so 後面原本只能接形容詞和副詞,但若 so 和 that 中間有 few, little, many 和 much 等字,則此句型可寫成 so + few/little/many/much + 名詞 + that。

bath -- (v.) 洗澡;給…洗澡。別以為 bath 僅當名詞用,在英國 bath 也用作動詞,其意思和用法跟 bathe 完全相同;美國通常使用 bathe。所以,標題的 bathes 和第一段的 baths 都正確,都是單數動詞。

excess -- (n.) 過剩的奶水。

(be) left over -- (v.) 剩下。

someone to donate her extra breast milk to -- (phr.) 把她多餘的母奶捐給某人。特別注意:這句如果沒有後面的介系詞 to,那麼整句的意思就完全相反了,變成「某人捐出她多餘的母奶」,這顯然與事實不符。這句是 She is looking for someone who she will donate her extra breast milk to. 或 She is looking for someone to whom she will donate her extra breast milk. 的減化 -- 由此可知,someone 是 to 的受詞。同樣地,在 There’s a big swimming pool for us to swim in. (有個大游泳池可讓我們游泳) 和 I gave her a chair to sit on. (我給她一張椅子坐) 這兩句中,介系詞 in 和 on 都不可省略,因為 swim 和 sit 皆為不及物動詞,而 swimming pool 和 chair 是受詞,所以不及物動詞和受詞之間必須要有介系詞。

too much of an indulgence -- (phr.) 太多的嬌縱,即太過嬌縱。在英文中,too much of a/an + 名詞 (太過…,太多…),a bit of a/an + 名詞 (有點…),something of a/an + 名詞 (有幾分;可說是;算得上) 等這種片語或句型屢見不鮮。例如:She’s always been a bit of a mystery to me. (她對我來說總是有點神秘);He’s something of an expert on growing vegetables. (他可說是位種植蔬菜的專家)。


roundabout, rotary or traffic circle

(英) Visitors to Britain nearly always mention roundabouts as the most noticeable feature of that country's highway system.
(美) Rotaries have recently been built in California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Nevada, and Vermont.

(英) roundabout:圓環。
(美) rotary or traffic circle:圓環。

在美國,圓環有時也被稱為 modern roundabout,以強調與舊式圓環的區別。


ghost call

(名詞) 鬼電話;鬼打來的電話 -- 某人不慎撥錯或誤觸手機撥號鍵所打來的未出聲的電話。這個字亦可當動詞用,意為「打鬼電話」。
-- ghost calling (現在分詞/動名詞):打鬼電話。
-- ghost caller (名詞):打鬼電話的人。

One added problem for the emergency teams, particularly at this time of the year, is the inadvertent ghost call made on mobile phones.

Supt Bell said: "With lots of people getting new mobiles for Christmas it is important they know how to lock their keypad. It's easy when unlocked phones are in handbags or pockets to knock them and unwittingly make '999' calls.
—"Don't be a 999 ninny during the New Year," Evening Gazette, December 30, 2008

I am a priest and a woman in my church group was used to calling her husband three or four times a day or more. She is extremely jealous and basically uses the cellphone to track his movements. A while back he must have sat on his phone or something because he "ghost-called" his wife when having drinks with another woman. He was supposed to be at work.
—David Eddie, "Is having a drink with a woman cheating?," The Globe and Mail, March 6, 2009



(名詞) 情侶或夫妻張貼他們即將結婚或剛結婚之訊息的網站。這個字是由 wedding 和 website 拼綴而成,亦寫成 wed-site, wed site

FirstPhera is another name that thrives around the business of weddings, and is developed by Vikas Sabnani who started his venture a year ago in Ahmedabad. FirstPhera is into wedsites-websites that are used by the couple to invite friends and relatives, post pictures, and blogs related to pre and post wedding events. These wedsites also help clients share stories, and view posted greetings from friends' and relatives'.
—"Yes, I do: The business of weddings," The Economic Times, November 7, 2008



(名詞) 走路運動。顯然地,這個字是由 walk 和 exercise 拼綴而成。

除 walk-a-cise 外,近年來還出現不少這種「某英文單字-a-cise」的運動名稱及同名網站,如 box-a-cise (拳擊運動),chair-a-cise (椅子運動 -- 坐在椅子上做一些特定肢體動作的運動),dance-a-cise (舞蹈運動) 等等。這些運動的目的都是在改善和強化運動者的體能 (fitness)。

Confusion ensues, slowing down the furious bikers and dragging into the mix City Hall-area office workers who are just trying to get in a little lunch break walk-a-cise but are now risking loss of limb.
—Robert Sullivan, "The wild bunch," The New York Times, March 8, 2009


sleep hangover

(名詞) 服用某些藥物後在隔天所產生的全身無力、無精打采、昏昏沈沈的現象。hangover 意為「宿醉」。

Those medications can induce next-day grogginess—what some patients call “sleep hangovers.”
—Lindsay Lyon, "10 ways to get better sleep (and maybe cure your insomnia)," US News & World Report, March 3, 2009


black out; blank out; blare out; blast off; blaze away; bliss out; block in

black out
He blacked out and collapsed on the floor.

black out
(燈光) 熄滅
Everything blacked out when the power supply failed.

blank * out +
The email addresses were blanked out in the documents shown to the court.

blank out
I was so nervous in the interview that I just blanked out and couldn't answer their questions properly.

blare out
發出 (吵雜、刺耳的聲音);播出 (大聲的音樂)
The music was blaring out and I couldn't get to sleep.

blast off
(太空船、火箭) 發射升空
The space shuttle blasted off on schedule yesterday.

blaze away
連續 (對...) 開槍射擊
The shooters blazed away at the pheasants.

bliss out
(身心) 高度放鬆;欣喜若狂
I blissed out on the beach all week.

block * in
停車堵住 (某人的汽車)
I couldn't drive here this morning because someone had blocked me in.

block * in +
著 (深) 色
He blocked in the events in his calendar.


Legs manual wins odd title prize/雙腿手冊贏得年度最怪異書名獎

woman's legsA self-help guide called "If You Want Closure In Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs" has been voted the oddest book title of the year.

It beat off stiff competition from another entitled "I Was Tortured by the Pygmy Love Queen" to win The Bookseller magazine's prize, reports the BBC.

"Cheese Problems Solved" took third place in a poll which attracted 8,500 votes.

Joel Rickett, deputy editor of The Bookseller, said of the winner: "So effective is the title that you don't even need to read the book itself."

He added that it "makes redundant an entire genre of self-help tomes".

The manual, whose author is named Big Boom, is described as a "self-help book, written by a man for the benefit of women".

Bookseller's contest began in 1978, and the roll-call of previous winners includes High Performance Stiffened Structures, Living with Crazy Buttocks and How To Avoid Huge Ships. (BBC)


self-help guide -- (n.) 自助指南;自助手冊。文中使用了不同的名詞,如 self-help guide, self-help book, self-help tome 和 manual,但指的都是同樣的東西。

beat off -- (v.) 擊退,趕跑。

stiff competition -- (n.) 激烈競爭。

pygmy -- (n.) 侏儒;微不足道的人。(adj.) 矮小的;極小的;微不足道的。亦拼成 pigmy。

Bookseller -- (n.) 英國「書商」雜誌。

So effective is the title that... -- 這是表示因果關係的 so...that 句型,原句為 "The title is so effective that...",但為了加強語氣,而將 so effective 挪到句首,並將主詞與 be 動詞對調。這是英文中用來加強語氣的倒裝句之一。

redundant -- (adj.) 多餘的;累贅的。文中這個 redundant 直接放在 make 的後面,看起來似乎不合文法,其實不然。由於 make 的受詞 "an entire genre of self-help tomes" 太長,因此把受詞補語 redundant 挪到受詞前面,這是英文常見的寫作技巧之一。另外,在經濟不景氣時代,許多公司因業務萎縮或為節省成本而進行裁員、解雇掉一些員工。如果您不幸在一夕之間成為冗員而遭解雇,那麼您就可以說 "I was made redundant"。

genre -- (n.) (法) 文藝作品之類型。

tome -- (n.) 大部頭書;又厚又大的書。但這本書名最怪異的書「如果你想結束你們的關係,那麼就從雙腿開始」(暫譯) 應該不是這種書。請注意 tome 與 tomb (墳墓) 的區別。

for the benefit of -- (prep.) 為了。

roll-call -- (n.) 點名。


quo vadis haircut

(名詞) 剪短的頭髮;短髮。亦叫做 close-cut locks (lock 在此意為「頭髮」,通常用複數)。

And for all of his 16 years giving Mr. Obama his “quo vadishaircut—black parlance from the 1960s for close-cut locks—Zariff said he is not about to start ribbing Mr. Obama. “We do not tease about the gray at all,” he said.
—Helene Cooper, " For young president, flecks of gray," The New York
, March 5, 2009