Ziggy the painting dog/狗畫家Ziggy

Rembrandt. Monet. Picasso. Van Gogh. To these great names, you can now add another: that of Ziggy, a three-year-old Pekingese dog who has taken the art world by storm.

Well, okay, not really. But he does make paintings, which real people actually buy, for money.

Ziggy the painting dog

Ziggy, who lives with his owner Elizabeth Monacelli in southern California, creates his masterpieces with the aid of a paper towel roll, which is attached to a paintbrush. Grasping the roll in his teeth, he creates abstract (i.e. blobby) works of art.

'He does have an extremely artistic temperament compared to other dogs I own,' Monacelli says. She also says that she usually plays him Chinese Qigong music to help get him in the artistic mood.

Ziggy's artworks have fetched up to $250 (around NT$8500) at auction, with the money going to animal rescue organisations. (Metro)

Ziggy the painting dog


Rembrandt. Monet. Picasso. Van Gogh -- (n.) 林布蘭 (荷蘭畫家);莫內 (法國畫家);畢卡索 (西班牙畫家);梵谷 (荷蘭畫家)。

Pekingese dog -- (n.) 北京狗。

take … by storm -- (v.) 在…大獲成功;完全征服;風靡。to take the art world by storm:在藝術界大放異彩。

masterpiece -- (n.) 傑作。

with the aid of -- (prep.) 藉助於;在…的協助下。

paper towel roll -- (n.) 紙巾捲筒。

grasp…in his teeth -- (v.) 用他的牙齒咬住。

abstract -- (adj.) 抽象的。

blobby -- (adj.) 斑斑點點的。

works of art -- (n.) 藝術作品。與最後一段的 artworks 同義。

artistic -- (adj.) 藝術的。

temperament -- (n.) 氣質;性情。

play him Chinese Qigong music -- (v.) 播放中國氣功音樂給他聽。這是 play 接雙受詞的句型,如 He played us a tune on the piano. (他在鋼琴上彈奏一首曲子給我們聽) = He played a tune for/to us on the piano. (他在鋼琴上為我們彈奏一首曲子)

fetch -- (v.) (尤指拍賣auction) 售得,賣得。The painting is expected to fetch up to $200,000. (這幅畫可望拍到20萬美元)。

animal rescue organization -- (n.) 動物救援組織。


tofu concrete

(名詞) 豆腐水泥:僅放置少數鋼筋或放置較小號鋼筋或混雜樹枝和其他雜物的水泥。豆腐水泥蓋建而成的房屋、橋樑及其他建築物遇上地震或颱風往往不堪一擊,應聲斷裂倒地。當然,這大多是官商勾結、偷工減料的結果。

The bodies of thousands of dead children were dragged from the rubble of Sichuan schools built on a base of what the Chinese call “tofu” concrete, chicken wire and unforgivable corruption, as builders grew wealthy producing what amounted to death traps.
—James McGregor, " China's dirty little secret in the global economic crisis," Forbes, March 18, 2009


drown in; drown out; drum into; drum out; drum up; duck out of; duff up; dumb down; dwell on/upon

drown * in
They drown the food in sauce.

drown * out +
(聲音) 壓過,蓋過
The music drowned out the sound of the phone ringing.

drum * into
They drum all the traps into you before the test, so you can't go wrong.

drum * out
They drummed the minister out when she was caught lying.
The minister was drummed out of her post for lying. (與 of 連用的被動態比較常用)

drum up +
They are trying to drum up support for the referendum.

duck out of +
避開;逃避 (計畫做或答應做的事情)
He ducked out of helping us last night.

duff * up +
He was duffed up in a night club last night.

dumb * down +
使...過於簡單化;(為了大眾化而) 降低素質
Television has been dumbing down the news for years.

dwell on/upon +
The programme dwelled on little other than the scandal.
She dwelt upon the economic situation in her speech.


spider cleaning

(名詞) (清潔工吊著繩索的) 高樓外牆清潔作業。若清潔工是坐在滑車上,則這種高樓外牆清潔作業就叫做 rig cleaning

As high-rise buildings mushroom across the city, facade cleaners—the ones who dangle from ropes to give those glass houses the impeccable look—are finding more jobs and more challenges.…“If a person hangs from a rope and cleans, the process is called ‘spider cleaning.’ When he sits on a seat attached to a pulley, it is ‘rig cleaning.’ In cases of spider cleaning, the rope will be connected to a pillar or an ‘I’ joint on the top of the terrace.”
—A Selvaraj, "Heights of cleanliness," Times of India, March 2, 2009


tire buster

(名詞) 輪胎剋星:路面的坑洞 (pothole)。

Another thing that we’ve done is we’ve implemented emergency response teams and these guys are able to go out within 24 hours and address any hole that are sometimes referred to as “tire busters,” those holes that can cause a tire to go flat or cause damage to a vehicle.
—Phil Sanchez, " DPW (Department of Public Works) works to fix potholes around city," WISH-TV (Indianapolis, Indiana), March 17, 2009



(形容詞) 群情激憤的 (帶有想要報復的含意)。亦寫成 torches-and-pitchforks; fiery-torches-and-pitchforks。通常與 crowd 或 mob 連用:torch-and-pitchfork crowd/mob ( 群情激憤的民眾)。

torch 和 pitchfork 的原義分別為「火把」和「乾草叉」。最近美國AIG的「肥貓」拿政府紓困的錢大分紅利,引發美國輿論一片譁然,群情激憤,就連總統歐巴馬亦出面大肆抨擊,氣得連講話也噎到。站長已多次在CNN和BBC的新聞報導中聽到 torch-and-pitchfork mob 這個詞,甚至有主播拿出一把實體的乾草叉揮舞著,做出呼籲 torch-and-pitchfork mob 攻向AIG的動作。

President-elect Obama has signaled his disinterest in show trials of the sort proposed by House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers, D-Detroit. Obama argues persuasively that the new administration has bigger fish to fry, and better ways to let the world know there's a new sheriff in town.

Meanwhile, the outgoing president could pre-empt the torch-and-pitchfork crowd by issuing blanket pardons for Dick Cheney, ex-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and others.
—Brian Dickerson, "Give Cheney, others immunity," Detroit Free Press, January 18, 2009

Before the game was over, the howls had begun. That Delhomme was able to walk out of the stadium on his own two feet Sunday is the first testament to his resilience, since the torch-and-pitchfork crowd hadn't gotten him yet.
—Darin Gantt, "'Bad night to have a bad night'," The Herald, January 12, 2009


golden coffin

(名詞/俚語) 金棺材:死亡給付或死亡撫卹金 (death benefits)。

On a related measure sponsored by The American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees Pension Plan Fund, voters defeated a proposal to end death benefits, also known as “golden coffins,” granted to top Disney executives.
—Nat Worden, "Disney shareholders defeat say-on-pay proposal," CNNMoney.com, March 10, 2009


chew out; chew over; chew up; chicken out; chill out; chime in; chip away at; chip in; choose up

chew * out +
They chewed him out for being late.

chew * over +
仔細考慮;反覆思考 (某問題等)
He asked for a few days to chew the matter over before he made a final decision.

chew * up +
The dog chewed up my shoe.

chew * up +
(在機器裡面) 弄壞,破壞 (某物)
The video chewed my CD up.

chicken out
I chickened out of the bungee jumping when I saw how high it was.

chill out
放鬆 (一下)
I'm staying at home and chilling out this evening.

chime in
插嘴 (表示同意某人)
If it's OK, I'd like to chime in because I think it's a good idea.

chip away at +
They have been chipping away at his reputation ever since he took office.

chip in
湊錢 (捐獻,捐助)
Everybody chipped in to pay the bill.

chip in
If I could chip in, there are a couple of issues I'd like to raise.

choose up
We chose up to play the game.

choose * up +
We chose up teams before the game.



(名詞) 推特 (Twitter -- 微網誌;微型部落格) 社交網路服務及使用該服務的人。這個字是由 Twitter 和 universe 拼綴而成,亦寫成 twitterverse, Twitter-verse

The Twitterverse is expanding.

Twitter, that microblogging tool that caught on with teens and twenty-somethings using it to tell loyal followers what they're doing at any given time — in 140 characters or less — is now becoming part of the business strategy for a wide range of brands, from Skittles to Fairfax County. ...

Shashi Bellamkonda, Network Solutions' social media swami (yes, that's his real title), organized the tutorial, attended by about 30 people. He's a more prolific Twitterer than most, posting anywhere from five to 15 tweets per day about anything from his daily routine to the news. Big companies such as Dell are active in the Twitterverse addressing customer service issues, he said.
—Kim Hart, "Firms Take to The Tweetable Business Model," The Washington Post, March 9, 2009


Mum bathes baby in breast milk/母親給嬰兒洗母奶澡

baby in breast milkA Chinese new mother is producing so much breast milk that she baths her baby in the excess each day.

Mrs Luo, of Chongqing, says she is producing two liters of milk more than she needs to feed her six-week-old daughter Shan Shan.

Mother, husband and her mother-in-law had all been drinking the extra milk but she says they still have plenty left over.

Luo's mother-in-law said they were all beginning to feel like they were drinking too much milk: "Then I suggested why not give the baby a breast milk bath, and they took my advice," she said.

Luo said the milk bath makes her Shan Shan's skin really smooth and white.

But she is looking for someone to donate her extra breast milk to as she feels that bathing her baby in breast milk is too much of an indulgence. (Chongqing Times – 重慶時報)


breast milk -- (n.) 母奶。breastfeed (v.):餵母奶。breastfeeding (n.):餵母奶。

so…that -- (phr.) 如此…以致於。在這個超常用的表示因果 (cause and effect) 關係的句型中 (其中 that 為附屬連接詞),so 後面原本只能接形容詞和副詞,但若 so 和 that 中間有 few, little, many 和 much 等字,則此句型可寫成 so + few/little/many/much + 名詞 + that。

bath -- (v.) 洗澡;給…洗澡。別以為 bath 僅當名詞用,在英國 bath 也用作動詞,其意思和用法跟 bathe 完全相同;美國通常使用 bathe。所以,標題的 bathes 和第一段的 baths 都正確,都是單數動詞。

excess -- (n.) 過剩的奶水。

(be) left over -- (v.) 剩下。

someone to donate her extra breast milk to -- (phr.) 把她多餘的母奶捐給某人。特別注意:這句如果沒有後面的介系詞 to,那麼整句的意思就完全相反了,變成「某人捐出她多餘的母奶」,這顯然與事實不符。這句是 She is looking for someone who she will donate her extra breast milk to. 或 She is looking for someone to whom she will donate her extra breast milk. 的減化 -- 由此可知,someone 是 to 的受詞。同樣地,在 There’s a big swimming pool for us to swim in. (有個大游泳池可讓我們游泳) 和 I gave her a chair to sit on. (我給她一張椅子坐) 這兩句中,介系詞 in 和 on 都不可省略,因為 swim 和 sit 皆為不及物動詞,而 swimming pool 和 chair 是受詞,所以不及物動詞和受詞之間必須要有介系詞。

too much of an indulgence -- (phr.) 太多的嬌縱,即太過嬌縱。在英文中,too much of a/an + 名詞 (太過…,太多…),a bit of a/an + 名詞 (有點…),something of a/an + 名詞 (有幾分;可說是;算得上) 等這種片語或句型屢見不鮮。例如:She’s always been a bit of a mystery to me. (她對我來說總是有點神秘);He’s something of an expert on growing vegetables. (他可說是位種植蔬菜的專家)。