file carving

(名詞) 檔案內容復原技術。亦叫做 data carving

這種技術能夠在磁碟之未配置空間內,自動尋找嵌附在這些硬碟空間的 doc、pdf 文件檔抑或 jpg等圖片檔案,精準呈現可疑之檔案內容。由於現在犯罪嫌犯的電腦技術日益高深,而且少部份嫌犯已懂得如何讓犯罪檔案「隱形」。因此,能夠學習如何破解密碼以及如何尋找內隱的檔案,對於重要案件之偵查,將有莫大的助益。

It is an example of a sophisticated technique called file carving—restoring the contents of a file after the identifying information that accompanies it has been removed or lost.
—Anne Eisenberg, " Sleuthing software can reassemble deleted photos," The New York Times, March 1, 2009



(名詞) 全額支付的學費。

Many colleges discount tuition an average of 30 to 40 percent. Still, by offering even a relatively small cut, colleges get students who pay a hefty price. “The full-pays are few and far between,” said Greg Eichhorn, the vice president for enrollment management at Albright. “What we’re looking for are better-pays.”
—Kate Zernike, " To keep students, colleges cut anything but aid," The New York Times, February 28, 2009


flying truck

(名詞) 飛行卡車:前蘇聯的直昇機。

He now finds it a little bizarre to be piloting an old MI-17 Russian helicopter, a legacy of the Soviet invaders here, in the Hindu Kush of Afghanistan.…The United States is training American pilots to fly the helicopters of the former Soviet Union—Colonel Brandon calls them “flying trucks.”
—Elisabeth Bumiller, "Facing language gaps and ‘flying trucks,’ U.S. trains Afghan pilots," The New York Times, February 27, 2009


while away; whip out; whip through; whip up; whisker away; white out; wig out

while * away +
混 (時間);打發 (時間)
We whiled a couple of hours away playing computer games.

whip * out +
迅速取出或抽出 (某物);快速或突然說出 (某事)
The police officer whipped out her radio and called for back-up.

whip through +
迅速完成 (工作);很快做完 (某事)
She whipped through the task.

whip * up +
很快地做出 (食物等)
We got back late and whipped up dinner.

whip * up +
攪拌 (食物)
I whipped up the egg whites.

whip * up +
The boss tried to whip up some support for her new policies.

whisk * away +
迅速移走、帶走 (某人);迅速拿走 (某物)
The police whisked the minister away when the trouble started.

white * out +
用修正液或立可白塗改或塗掉 (字跡)
Could you pass the white-out? I need to white this mistake out.

wig out
He wigged out when he heard that he had failed.



(名詞) 奢華的背包客 (backpacker)。這個字是由 flash 和 backpacker 拼綴而成,亦寫成 flash-packer
-- flashpacking (現在分詞/動名詞):背包旅行。

flash 這個形容詞頗為古老,最早可追溯至 1785 年,意為「奢華的;炫耀的;擺闊的」-- 通常指這種奢華或炫耀行徑已到沒有品味的程度,因此是個貶抑之詞。

Europe's hostels now offer cool upmarket accommodations at bargain prices. There are still the communal areas that made hostels the social place to be in the early '90s, but now they are matched by posh facilities. The clientele includes fewer backpackers, more flashpackers: holidaymakers with a taste for the nice things but who are cost-cutting in keeping with the climate.
—Lucy Tobin, "Hostels hustle to add an upmarket tag," The Boston Globe, February 22, 2009


Clothes made out of hair/頭髮做成的服裝

Ioana CioancaA Romanian woman has made herself an entire wardrobe of clothes out of her own hair.

Ioana Cioanca, 71, from Bistrita Nasaud, grew her hair from the age of 16 until it was 40 inches long so she could weave it.

"Long years I had to wait for my hair to grow so as to make clothes from it but I managed and I am very pleased now," she said.

"Maybe there are other women who did this but I don't know if they have so many items. I have nine of them: a hat, a shawl, a skirt, a blouse, a raincoat, a purse, a handbag and a pair of gloves."

Mrs Cioanca explained that some of her clothes are lighter in colour because they were made in the last 10 years after her hair began to turn gray.

She says her hair-made clothes are "quite comfortable and warm" and she hopes to get her name in the record books to let other people know how useful human hair can be.


make sb1 from (or out of) sb2 – (v.) 用sb2 來做或製作 sb1。

wardrobe – (n.) (個人的) 全部服裝。an entire wardrobe of clothes:整套的服裝 – 指的是本文第4段所提到的9件物品,包括帽子、錢包、手套等,這些都是本文女主角 Ioana Cioanca 用自己的頭髮做成的。

made herself an entire wardrobe of clothes -- (v.) (用她的頭髮) 為她自己做了整套的服裝。這是 make 接雙受詞 (間接受詞 + 直接受詞) 的句型,如 Will you make me a cup of coffee? (= Will you make a cup of coffee for me?) (你能為我沖杯咖啡嗎?);此外,His ruthless behavior made him many enemies. (他的殘忍行為使他樹敵眾多) 這樣的句子也是屬於make 接雙受詞的句型。然而,要特別注意的是,別將這種句型與「make + 受詞 + 名詞」的句型搞混,因為後者中的名詞係受詞補語,如 They made her (a) director. (他們推舉她為董事),句中 director 跟 her 是同一個人,但 His ruthless behavior made him many enemies. 中的 him 跟 enemies 是不同人。

weave – (v.) 編織。

manage – (v.) 做到了。在本文中,manage 後面省略了 to make clothes from her own hair。若要表示過去有能力做某事,我們可以用 could,如 She could play the piano when she was five. (她5歲時就能彈鋼琴);但若要表示過去有能力做某事而且做了,則使用 managed to, was/were able to 或 succeeded in (後兩者為比較正式的用語),如 I managed to get the tickets I wanted. = I was able to get the tickets I wanted. = I succeeded in getting the tickets I wanted. (我買到了我要買的票) – 這相當於 I could and I did。

shawl – (n.) (女用) (長) 方形披巾,圍巾。

blouse – (n.) (婦女等的) 短上衣,短衫。

turn gray – (v.) (頭髮) 變白。

record book – (n.) 記錄大全。


niche dating

(現在分詞/動名詞) 利基約會:根據單一特性或極少數的特性 (如信仰、種族等) 所進行的約會。
-- niche-dating (形容詞):利基約會的。
-- niche dater (名詞):利基約會者。

Tracking down someone who shares your passion for Zemlinsky, intermediate skiing or offshore banking before Saturday might seem tough — but thanks to the latest revolution in romance, securing a genuine soulmate has never been easier or quicker. Forget speed dating: welcome to the esoteric world of niche dating. Whether you're into ballroom dancing, kittens or dirt bikes, there's a site out there for lonely hearts just like you.
—Judith Woods, "Valentine's Day: the 20 best niche dating websites," The Daily Telegraph, February 11, 2009

Niche dating — narrowing down prospects according to religion, say, or ethnicity — is on the rise, judging from the evidence online. Hitwise, which measures online traffic, reports that last year the top five niche dating categories gained market share, while general matchmaking sites stayed about the same. The biggest gains were in the gay dating and religious dating categories.
—Paige Wiser, "Nerds of a feather," Chicago Sun Times, February 9, 2009



(名詞) 阿富汗和巴基斯坦。這個字是由 AFghanistan 和 PAKistan 拼綴而成的頭字語。

In the two-front war that Washington is now calling “AFPAK,” there’s more head-scratching going on than is immediately visible. Yes, President Barack Obama last week approved a Pentagon request to send 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan. But at the same time, he has ordered a strategy review to make sure the U.S. isn’t marching blindly into what historians call “the graveyard of empires.”
—David Ignatius, “Remember AFPAK; it’s new Obama war acronym,” Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, February 22, 2009


timetable, schedule

(英) You can find the times of your trains in this timetable.
(美) The teacher posted the schedule of classes.

(英) timetable:時間表,日程表;課程表;(火車、公車、飛機等的) 時刻表。
(美) schedule:時間表,日程表;課程表;(火車、公車、飛機等的) 時刻表。



(形容詞) 在小塊土地上 -- 尤其是在都市環境中 -- 密集栽種蔬菜及其他農作物的。這個字是 Small Plot INtensive 的頭字語 (acronym)。

Some cities, most notably Vancouver, have websites that match urban landowners who don't care to garden with those who have no space but want to immerse their hands in soil. Here and elsewhere, a few entrepreneurs, engaging in SPIN, or Small Plot Intensive, agriculture, rent backyards — several at a time — to grow produce for sale.
—Peter Gorrie, "In gardens, a design for the city," The Toronto Star, February 22, 2009