run after; run against; run along; run in; run into; run on

run after +
追趕,追逐 (某人,某物)
The police ran after the guy who'd stolen it, but he was too fast for them.

run after +
追求 (異性)
He was running after her for ages but never managed to get a date.

run against +
(美) 與 (某人) 在競選中角逐
Gore ran against Bush in the 2000 elections in the U.S.A.

run against +
Opinion is running against his policies and he has very little support.

run along
走開,離開 (常用作祈使句)
They kept disturbing him, so he told them to run along and leave him in peace.
Run along, I'm busy now.

run * in +
逮捕;把 (某人) 帶回警局偵訊
They ran him in last night.

run * in +
(小心地) 駕駛新車 (以免損壞引擎)
She ran the car in for a thousand miles.

run in
We ran in and chatted for an hour.

run * in +
把 (某物) 插入 (某物)
He ran a graph in next to the text.

run into +
I ran into my English teacher at the movies last night. She's so nice!

run into +
花費;累計達到 (某金額、數量)
The project has run into millions of dollars without any prospect of a return on this investment.

run on +
靠...運轉 、運行
The van runs on diesel.


pick up after; pick up on; pick yourself up; pig out; pile up; pin down; pin on; pin up

pick up after +
I always have to pick up after him because he leaves things all over the office.

pick up on +
My teacher picks up on any mistake I make and corrects me.

pick up on +
He's very quick to pick up on new trends.

pick up on +
The government has picked up on the reports in the media.

pick up on +
I'd like to pick up on the point that John made.

pick yourself up
It took him a long time to pick himself up after his wife left him.

pig out
The food was great, so I really pigged out.

pile * up +
(使) 堆積,(使) 積壓
The child piled up the bricks until they fell over.

pin * down +
要 (某人) 做出決定,要 (某人) 表態,要 (某人) 採取行動,要 (某人) 遵守 (諾言)
I've asked him to set a date, but he's a hard man to pin down and won't give a definite answer.

pin * down +
確切說明 (某事物) 的性質,明確說明 (某事物);查明,認出 (某人或某事物)
The government can't pin down where the leak came from.

pin * on
把 (罪責、責任等) 加在 (某人) 身上
The police tried to pin the crime on him.

pin * up +
把 (某物) (用針、別針等) 固定在牆壁或其他垂直表面上
I pinned the notice up on the board.