lock yourself away; log in; log into; log off; log on; log out; look after; look back; look back on; look down on; look for; look forward to; look in; look in on; look into

lock yourself away +
I lock myself away for a few weeks before exams.

log in
登入 (電腦系統)
I had forgotten my password and couldn't log in.

log into +
登入 (電腦系統)
I logged into the staff intranet to check my email.

log off +
登出 (電腦系統)
When she'd finished working on the spreadsheet, she logged off and left the office.

log on +
登入 (電腦系統)
He entered his password for the college intranet and logged on.

log out
登出 (電腦系統)
Danny closed the programs and logged out when it was time to go home.

look after +
When my sister goes on vacation, I look after her dog.

look back
When we look back, we can now understand what caused the difficulty.

look back on +
When I look back on my childhood, I often feel angry.

look down on +
She's so conceited. She looks down on everybody else.

look for +
尋找 [通常用進行式]
I'm looking for my keys. Have you seen them?

look forward to +
(衷心) 企盼,期望,期待
I am looking forward to traveling to New York next year.

look in
(尤指某人生病或可能需要幫助時) 順路探訪,短暫拜訪
I'll look in on my way home.

look in on +
(尤指某人生病或可能需要幫助時) 順路探訪,短暫拜訪
I'm going to look in on grannie on the way home tonight as she's been a bit unwell recently.

look into +
調查,研究 (問題,罪行等)
The police are looking into the murder.


hold off; hold off on; hold on; hold on to; hold onto; hold out; hold out against; hold out for; hold out on; hold over; hold together

hold * off +
擋住;使不接近;阻止 (某人的攻擊或毆打)
Mr. Johnson held the dog off while we crossed the yard.
John couldn't hold their opponents off and lost the game.

hold off
(雨或雪) 遲遲不下;壞天氣並未出現
The rain held off until we'd got back home.

hold off on +
We should hold off on making dinner until your parents arrive.

hold on
Hold on tight! The roller coaster is about to take off.

hold on
(叫某人) 別掛斷電話,等候片刻;等待,等候
Hold on a minute. I'll get Carol.
Could you hold on for a minute; she'll be free in a moment.

hold on to +
Make sure you hold on to the hand rail as you walk down the stairs.

hold onto +
(盡可能) 保留
I tried to hold onto my cash during the holiday so I could buy some duty free stuff on the way back.

hold onto +
The mother held onto her daughter's hand to keep together in the crowd.

hold out
Stop holding out and tell us where you found all of these old records.
When the enemy attacked, they held out for six weeks.

hold * out +
伸出 (手等)
I held out my hand when she walked in.

hold out against +
They held out against enemy attack.
The staff are holding out against the plans to reduce the workforce.

hold out for +
(因想得到更大或更好的利益而) 堅持要求
We are holding out for a much better deal than the one offered.

hold out on +
He's been holding out on me for weeks and I really need the money.

hold * over +
The meeting has been held over till Friday.

hold * over +
使 (某事) 繼續
It has been so successful that they have held it over for another fortnight.

hold together
使 (物體) 結合在一起;(使) 團結 (起來)
The society managed to hold together despite the crisis.


get on to; get on with; get onto; get out; get out of; get out!

get on to +
It took the authorities a long time to get on to the gang.

get on with +
Do you get on with your neighbors?

get on with +
(中斷後) 繼續某一活動;(中斷後) 繼續做某事
Now that the police have left, let's get on with the party!
She told us to get on with our work.

get onto +
開始討論 (某主題);開始談到 (某事物)
We didn't get onto the third item on the agenda.

get onto +
當選為;被任命為 (...的委員)
He didn't get onto the committee.

get onto +
上 (電視或電台)
He got onto every major channel after the accident.

get onto +
(口頭或書面 -- 尤指透過電話) 與 (某人) 聯繫
We'd better get onto someone to fix this.

get onto +
上 (飛機、火車等)
She got onto the plane just before it took off.

get out
外出;出去;離開 (某空間)
She doesn't get out much now she has her baby.

get out
(秘密、消息等) 洩漏,走漏
How did the news of his appointment get out before it was officially made known?

get out
離開 (某地方);走出去,走出來;逃脫
The dog got out because I left the door open.

get * out
(從儲放處、隱藏處或停放處) 拿出,取出;把 (車) 開出來
I got the car out so that we could load up the suitcases.

get * out
清除 (班點、污垢、污跡、不想要的東西)
I spilled some red wine on my carpet and can't get the stains out.

get * out
We have to get the report out by the end of the month.

get * out +
竭力說出;用力發出 (聲音)
He was so upset he couldn't get the words out.

get out of +
逃避做不喜歡的事情;不必承擔 (責任、職責、義務等)
I said I wasn't feeling well and got out of the extra work.

get out of +
下車;下船;離開 (某一圍牆或籬笆高築的區域)
I fell into the water when I tried to get out of the canoe.
We got out of the taxi and paid the driver.

get out of +
停止 (某經常性的活動);戒掉、戒除 (某習慣)
If you get out of a routine, it can be hard to start again.

get * out of
從 (某人口中) 盤問出;從 (某人處) 探聽出
The police couldn't get any information out of him.

get * out of
從 (某人處) 獲得 (某物)
Did you get a refund out of the travel agency?

get * out of
從 (某事) 獲得樂趣 (或獲益)
She's getting a lot out of her university course.

get * out of
幫助 (某人) 逃避 (做某事)
I got him out of having to work at the weekend.

get out!
不會吧! (美國口語,僅用於祈使句,用來表示驚訝或不相信)
"I got 100% on the test." "Get out!"


fit in; fit into; fit up; fix up; fizzle out; flag down; flag up; flake out; flame out; flame up

fit in
適應;適合;(跟...) 合得來
I didn't fit in with the other people working there so I left and found another job.

fit * in +
(有足夠的時間) 應付,處理,做某事;(有足夠的空間) 可以容納,裝得下
I didn't have time to fit in another appointment.

fit into +
(使) 適合,(使) 符合
Their ideas didn't fit into our plans.

fit * up +
陷害;給 (某人) 羅織罪名
The police fitted him up for dealing drugs.

fit * up
They fitted us up with the latest IT.

fix * up +
修復,裝修,翻新 (房子)
My neighbors are fixing their house up.

fix * up +
He fixed up an appointment for me to see a specialist.

fizzle out
最終失敗;終成泡影;毫無結果 (尤指順利開始以後)
The campaign started well, but fizzled out when they ran out of money.

flag * down +
揮旗或揮手示意...停車 (或...車停下來);招手攔 (車)
The police officer flagged the car down because it didn't have its headlights on.

flag * up +
提出 (某問題);凸顯 (某問題的重要性)
We should flag up working conditions at the meeting.

flake out
累得睡著了;(因疲倦而) 很快入睡
I worked till midnight then flaked out.

flame out
(公司、企業等) 倒閉
The company flamed out in the recession.

flame up
The wood flamed up in the fire.


drown in; drown out; drum into; drum out; drum up; duck out of; duff up; dumb down; dwell on/upon

drown * in
They drown the food in sauce.

drown * out +
(聲音) 壓過,蓋過
The music drowned out the sound of the phone ringing.

drum * into
They drum all the traps into you before the test, so you can't go wrong.

drum * out
They drummed the minister out when she was caught lying.
The minister was drummed out of her post for lying. (與 of 連用的被動態比較常用)

drum up +
They are trying to drum up support for the referendum.

duck out of +
避開;逃避 (計畫做或答應做的事情)
He ducked out of helping us last night.

duff * up +
He was duffed up in a night club last night.

dumb * down +
使...過於簡單化;(為了大眾化而) 降低素質
Television has been dumbing down the news for years.

dwell on/upon +
The programme dwelled on little other than the scandal.
She dwelt upon the economic situation in her speech.


chew out; chew over; chew up; chicken out; chill out; chime in; chip away at; chip in; choose up

chew * out +
They chewed him out for being late.

chew * over +
仔細考慮;反覆思考 (某問題等)
He asked for a few days to chew the matter over before he made a final decision.

chew * up +
The dog chewed up my shoe.

chew * up +
(在機器裡面) 弄壞,破壞 (某物)
The video chewed my CD up.

chicken out
I chickened out of the bungee jumping when I saw how high it was.

chill out
放鬆 (一下)
I'm staying at home and chilling out this evening.

chime in
插嘴 (表示同意某人)
If it's OK, I'd like to chime in because I think it's a good idea.

chip away at +
They have been chipping away at his reputation ever since he took office.

chip in
湊錢 (捐獻,捐助)
Everybody chipped in to pay the bill.

chip in
If I could chip in, there are a couple of issues I'd like to raise.

choose up
We chose up to play the game.

choose * up +
We chose up teams before the game.


black out; blank out; blare out; blast off; blaze away; bliss out; block in

black out
He blacked out and collapsed on the floor.

black out
(燈光) 熄滅
Everything blacked out when the power supply failed.

blank * out +
The email addresses were blanked out in the documents shown to the court.

blank out
I was so nervous in the interview that I just blanked out and couldn't answer their questions properly.

blare out
發出 (吵雜、刺耳的聲音);播出 (大聲的音樂)
The music was blaring out and I couldn't get to sleep.

blast off
(太空船、火箭) 發射升空
The space shuttle blasted off on schedule yesterday.

blaze away
連續 (對...) 開槍射擊
The shooters blazed away at the pheasants.

bliss out
(身心) 高度放鬆;欣喜若狂
I blissed out on the beach all week.

block * in
停車堵住 (某人的汽車)
I couldn't drive here this morning because someone had blocked me in.

block * in +
著 (深) 色
He blocked in the events in his calendar.


while away; whip out; whip through; whip up; whisker away; white out; wig out

while * away +
混 (時間);打發 (時間)
We whiled a couple of hours away playing computer games.

whip * out +
迅速取出或抽出 (某物);快速或突然說出 (某事)
The police officer whipped out her radio and called for back-up.

whip through +
迅速完成 (工作);很快做完 (某事)
She whipped through the task.

whip * up +
很快地做出 (食物等)
We got back late and whipped up dinner.

whip * up +
攪拌 (食物)
I whipped up the egg whites.

whip * up +
The boss tried to whip up some support for her new policies.

whisk * away +
迅速移走、帶走 (某人);迅速拿走 (某物)
The police whisked the minister away when the trouble started.

white * out +
用修正液或立可白塗改或塗掉 (字跡)
Could you pass the white-out? I need to white this mistake out.

wig out
He wigged out when he heard that he had failed.


tide over; tidy up; tie back; tie down; tie in; tie up; tighten up

tide * over
幫 (某人) 克服困難,使 (某人) 暫時度過 (難關、危機等)
This NT$5,000 will have to tide me over until I get paid.

tidy * up +
整理 (房子、房間),使整潔
I tidied up my bedroom because it was a complete mess.

tie * back +
(用繩、線) 繫到後面,繫起來
She tied her hair back before playing tennis.

tie * down +
(用繩、線) 繫住,捆住,拴緊 (某物或某人)
They tied him down to stop him escaping.

tie * down
束縛 (某人),限制 (某人)
Marriage ties you down.

tie * down +
牽制,箝制 (警察、軍隊或敵人) -- 通常用於被動態
The army were tied down with the rebellion and couldn't help.

tie in
與 (某事) 一致;與...相吻合;與 (某物) 相連
The theory ties in with what the police have been saying.

tie * up +
When we dock, make sure you tie the boat up.

tie * up +
纏住 (某人) 使其無法做某事;佔用 (某物) 而影響或阻礙其運作
Work has tied me up all week.

tie * up +
捆、綁 (某人或某物),把 (某物) 捆緊、綁緊
I tied up my shoelaces.

tie * up +
阻塞,堵住 (道路等)
The convoy tied up the road for an hour.

tighten * up
(使) 控制得更緊、更嚴格;(使) 加強
They're tightening up security for the president's visit.


set in; set off; set out; set up; settle down; settle for; settle in

set in
(壞天氣或不好的季節) 開始,來臨
Winter has set in; it's started snowing.

set * off +
Terrorists set off a car bomb in the city centre last night. Fortunately, no one was hurt or killed.

set * off +
觸發 (警報);引起 (機械反應)
The smoke set the fire alarm off.

set off
We set off for work at seven-thirty.

set * off +
抵銷 (債務),使平衡
The company set off its overseas debts against its profits at home.

set * out +
The figures are set out in the council's annual report.

set out
The explorers set out for the South Pole yesterday morning.

set * up
My mom set me up with her friend's son.

set * up
I don't think he killed those men. Somebody set him up.

set up +
安排 (約會,會議,會面等)
I set up an appointment with my doctor at 3:30 this afternoon.

set * up +
安裝 (軟體、設備等)
The technician set up the computer network perfectly.

set * up +
設立,開辦,創辦,創立 (公司,組織,機構等)
They set up a dot com company, floated it a couple of years later on the Stock Exchange and made an absolute fortune.

settle down
After years of partying and drinking, she finally got married and settled down.

settle for +
We were upset not to win and had to settle for the second prize.

settle in
(使) 習慣於...;(使) 適應於...
It took him a while to settle in when he moved to Japan.