hold up; hold with; home in on; hone in on; hook up; hook up to; horse around; hound out

hold * up +
(使) 耽擱;(使) 延遲
The accident held traffic up for an hour.

hold * up +
暴力搶劫;武裝搶劫 (某人,銀行)
Five men held the bank up yesterday.

hold with + (通常用於否定句)
I don't hold with their plans.

home in on +
直搗 (問題核心);切中 (要害);瞄準 (目標)
The government is homing in on benefit fraud.

hone in on +
全神貫注於...;瞄準 (目標)
The company honed in on its rival and tried to take it over. (有些人認為這片語動詞是錯的;它跟 home in on 很容易被搞混)

hook up
與 (某人) 見面
We hooked up at the conference.

hook up to +
把 (兩個電子設備或裝置) 連接起來;把 (設備或裝置) 接到電腦 (或電源) 上
He's hooked up to a ventilator in the hospital.

horse around
The class were horsing around when the teacher came in and told them to sit down.

hound * out +
迫使 (某人) 辭職、離開 (某地或某職位)
The press hounded the minister out after the scandal broke.


get over; get over with; get round/around; get round/around to; get through; get through to; get to

get over +
從 (疾病、失敗等) 中恢復過來
It took me ages to get over the bout of flu.

get over +
克服,解決 (問題)
It took us a long time to get over the problems with the computer system.

get * over +
He makes jokes to help get his message over.

(can't/couldn't) get over +
(簡直無法) 相信、置信 (表示非常驚訝)
Tell me again, I can't get over it!

get over +
We couldn't get over the river because of the floods.

get over
來或去 (某地)
He said he needed help and ask me to get over as soon as I could.

get * over with
做,做完 (某事)
I wanted to get the interview over with as quickly as possible.

get round/around +
說服 (某人) (做某事) -- 美式英語用 around
She didn't want to let me do it, but I succeeded in getting round her.

get round/around +
(找到) 解決或規避問題 (的辦法)
We're nearly ready, but there are few little problems we have to get round before we finish.

get round/around
(消息等) 傳開,傳播;(大家都) 知道了
It didn't take long for news of his resignation to get round.

get round/around to +
抽出時間做某事;(拖延或耽擱後) 開始做某事
I should be able to get round to that job next week.
We must get around to cleaning those windows.

get through
(電話、無線電等) 打通,接通
I tried calling her mobile phone, but I couldn't get through.

get through +
He gets through two bottles of wine a day.

get through +
完成,結束,處理完 (工作等)
I'm going to take some work home because I haven't managed to get through it all today.

get through
完成,結束,處理完 (工作等)
Call me when you get through.

get through +
通過 (考試、測驗、測試等)
My car didn't get through its inspection.

get * through
幫 (某人或某物) 通過 (考試、測驗、測試等)
My teacher got me through the exam.

get through +
度過,熬過 (困境、困難的日子等)
We will have to be careful with our money to get through the month.

get * through
(使在議會等) 通過 (法律、法案、議案等)
Getting a bill through Congress is a long process.

get through
(法律、法案、議案等) (在議會等) 獲得通過
If the proposal gets through, it'll make things much better for us.

get through +
(使) 通過 (某空間);穿過,貫穿,穿透
We need a stronger drill to get through this wall.
The water got through the roof and damaged the carpets.

get through
The door was jammed, so we couldn't get through.

get through
(使) 到達;(使) 傳到
The message didn't get through.

get through to +
使 (某人) 明白,理解
I explained it carefully, but I just couldn't get through to him.

get through to +
打通或接通 (電話、無線電等) 給
I rang but couldn't get through to her.

get through to +
進入 (下一階段)
If they win, they'll get through to the quarterfinals.

get to +
使 (某人) 生氣,惱怒
Don't let her get to you; she's just in a bad mood.

get to +
(使) 到達 (某地)
When I get to it, I'll look at the matter carefully.

get to +
We asked him to get to the point, but he just waffled away.


flare out; flare up; flesh out; flick over; flick through; flip off; flip out; flip through; flog off; floor it

flare out
He flared out when he saw the dreadful report.

flare up
(不好的事情) 突然爆發
The argument flared up when he was rude to them.

flesh * out +
The recent government report fleshed out the draft proposals.

flick over
快速翻頁;快速轉台 (轉換電視頻道)
She flicked over to see if the news had started.

flick through +
快速轉台 (轉換電視頻道)
I flicked through the channels to see if there was anything worth watching.

flick through +
I flicked through the magazine and decided to buy it.

flip * off +
When the police were walking away, he flipped them off.

flip out
He flipped out when he won the final.

flip through +
快速翻閱 (書籍、雜誌等);快速轉台 (轉換電視頻道)
I flipped through the latest issue of the magazine in the shop and decided to buy it.

flog * off +
廉價出售 (某物)
The council flogged off the land cheaply to a developer who had close links to a few of the councilors.

floor it
She floored it when the police arrived.


chuck away; chuck in; chuck out; chuck up; churn out; clam up; clamp down on; claw back; clean out; clean up

chuck * away +
I chucked away all my old records years ago when CDs came out.

chuck * in +
辭去;放棄;停止 (某事或某嘗試)
I chucked my job in to go traveling.

chuck * in +
發表 (意見等);做 (評論)
I chucked in a few points at the end of the discussion.

chuck * out +
I chucked out some stuff I found in the fridge that had gone bad.

chuck up
He got ridiculously drunk and chucked up in the back of the minicab on the way home.

chuck * up +
辭去;放棄;停止 (某事或某嘗試)
She didn't like the course, so she chucked it up after a few weeks.

churn * out +
(不顧品質地) 大量或快速生產;粗製濫造
The government churns out educational policies every few months.

clam up
(突然) 閉口不說;沈默不語
Everybody clammed up when the Principal entered.

clamp down on +
The government are clamping down on antisocial behavior.

claw * back +
(政府用增稅,公司用提價等方式) 收回 (金錢) 或彌補 (支出)
The new tax will claw back what the government has given out in grants.

claw * back +
(困難地) 重新取得 (權力等)
The opposition parties are trying to claw back the voters they lost in the last election.

clean * out +
I really must clean the study out; there's stuff all over the floor and piles of paper everywhere.

clean * out
使 (某人) 花光或耗盡錢財
The holiday cleaned me out - I'm broke till the end of the month.

clean * up +
Susan cleaned the mess up before she left.


block off; block out; block up; blow away; blow down; blow in; blow off; blow out; blow over; blow up

block * off +
The police blocked off the road after the murder.

block * out +
擋住,遮住 (光線或聲音)
The trees block the sun out most of the day.

block * out +
It was so unpleasant that I try to block it out- otherwise, I'd just be angry all the time.

block * up +
The pipe's blocked up and no water gets through.

blow * away +
He grabbed a gun and blew the police officer away.

blow * away +
輕易戰勝;輕易打敗;輕取 (對手)
Their new product has blown all the others away.

blow * away
Her first novel blew me away.

blow away
(被風等) 吹走
The flag blew away in the storm; we'll have to buy a new one.

blow * down +
(被風) 吹倒
A tree was blown down in the storm.

blow in
My cousin blew in unexpectedly with his entire family.

blow * off
沒有做 (承諾過或安排好的事情)
We were going to meet last night, but she blew me off at the last minute.

blow * off +
I blew the homework off and did badly.

blow * out +
(被) 吹熄
She blew the candles out on her birthday cake.

blow over
(危險或難堪的情況) 平息;被淡忘;過去了
All this negative publicity will blow over in a couple of weeks.
The scandal blew over within a fortnight when the press found someone else to attack.

blow * up +
爆炸;(被) 炸毀
The terrorists blew the bridge up.

blow up
The bomb blew up before they could defuse it.

blow up
When Joan heard the news, she blew up and rushed out of the room.

blow * up +
The pressure was low, so I blew the tyre up.


wiggle out; wiggle out of; wimp out; wind down; wind on; wind up; winkle out; wipe out; wire up; wise up

wiggle out
逃避或避免 (做某事)
He was supposed to be in charge but tried to wiggle out.

wiggle out of +
I wiggled out of having to work late.

wimp out
I was going to have the hottest curry on the menu, but I wimped out and had a mild lamb Korma instead.

wind down
I'm going to wind down in the country this weekend and do nothing.

wind * down +
They wound the committee down after the inquiry.

wind * on
He wound the video on to show us the scene.

wind up
以... 告終;落得個...的下場
If he doesn't get his act together, he is going to wind up in jail.

wind * up +
關閉 (企業)
The company was wound up when the creditors demanded payment.

wind * up +
He wound up the toy dog and set it on the floor.

wind * up +
The kids always get wound up when Uncle Henry comes over.

wind * up +
The children are really winding me up.

winkle * out +
好不容易才搜出或找出 (某人或某物);費了很大的勁才取得或弄到 (訊息等)
It took me a while to winkle the truth out of him.

wipe * out +
The tidal wave wiped out the small fishing village.

wipe * out +
After surfing all day, I was completely wiped out.

wire * up +
She wired her new stereo system up as soon as she got home.

wise up
His supervisor told him to wise up and start following the rules or else he'd lose his job.


tip off; tip over; tire of; tire out; toddle off; tone down; tool up; top off; top out; top up

tip * off +
給 (某人) 通風報信;向 (警察或當局) 告密
The police arrested the drug dealer after someone tipped them off.

tip * over +
(使) 翻倒
I tipped my coffee over and ruined my keyboard.

tire of +
She soon tired of the course and dropped out.

tire * out +
使 (某人) 疲憊不堪,精疲力竭;把 (某人) 累垮
Speaking English all day tires me out.
Working so much tires me out.

toddle off
It's getting late, so I'm going to toddle off home.

tone * down +
降低...的嚴重性 (或冒犯性);緩和
The Minister tried to tone down what she had said when the press started attacking her.

tool * up +
The company spent a lot on tooling the factory up.

tool * up +
提供武器;武裝 (自己或某人)
The gangsters got tooled up before they went into the club.

top * off +
(以某種方式) 結束,完成
Let's top off this delightful evening with a drink.

top out
(數量、價格等) 上升到頂點,達到最高點
The temperature topped out at forty degrees yesterday.

top * up +
Let me top up your drink, it's half gone.


sex up; shack up; shake down; shake off; shape up; shave off; shell out; ship off; ship out

sex * up +
The government denied that they had sexed up the report to make the front page.

shack up
(未婚者與異性) 同居
They shacked up a few months after they started going out.

shack up
We had to shack up with friends while our house was being decorated.

shake * down +
搜查,搜索 (某人或某處)
The police shook the house down looking for drugs.

shake * down
He shook the guy down with some story about needing the money for an operation.

shake * off +
It took me ages to shake off the cough.

shape up
(正面地) 發展;好轉
Things are shaping up at work- everything's going well again.

shape up
If they don't start shaping up, they're going to lose their jobs.

shave * off +
刮掉 (毛髮);剃掉 (毛髮)
He has shaved off his moustache and looks much younger.

shave * off +
(少量,小額) 削減
He shaved a few thousand off the budget for the year.

shell * out +
(在...上) 花 (一大筆錢) -- 尤其是當花錢者認為太貴時。
I had to shell out a hundred dollars on the dinner.

ship * off +
把 (某人) 送走 (通常是因為某人常出問題,而被送者通常不情願)
He was causing a lot of trouble, so they shipped him off to another branch.

ship * out +
We shipped the order out two days ago.

ship out
離開 (某地)
If you've finished your work, I'm ready to ship out.


run over; run through; run to; run up; run up against; run up on; run with; rush into

run over +
Could you run over that point again; I'm afraid I didn't quite understand it.

run * over +
(開車) 碾過,撞倒
The driver couldn't stop in time and ran the fox over when it ran in front of his car.

run over
超出 (預期的時間)
The meeting ran over by twenty minutes.

run through +
The cast ran through the play the day before it opened to the public.

run * through
(用刀、劍等) 刺穿 (某人)
The musketeer ran his enemy through with a sword and killed him.

run to +
去找 (某人) (投訴、求援、指點等);求助於 (某人)
Whenever he gets into debt, he runs to his parents for help.

run to +
買得起;有足夠的錢購買 (某物) -- 通常用於否定句
I don't think we can run to a new mobile phone at the moment.

run up
He ran up next to me and started shouting.

run * up +
揚起,升起 (旗子等)
They ran up the Union Jack.

run * up +
匆匆地做成 (某物);趕製 (衣服);趕工建成 (某建築物)
He ran up a few examples for them to look at.

run * up +
積欠 (帳款或債務)
He ran up a lot of bills at the hotel.

run up against +
(通常指意外地) 遭遇,遇到 (問題,困難等)
They ran up against a lot of opposition to the construction.

run up on +
悄悄地接近 (某人)
Robert was sitting in his car and a guy ran up on him and shot through the car but missed.

run with +
與 (某人 -- 通常是不好的傢伙) 為伍;與 (某人 -- 通常是不好的傢伙) 交往或往來
She runs with some dodgy characters.

rush into +
They don't want to be rushed into giving an answer and have asked for more time.


pine away; pipe down; pipe up; pit against; pitch for; pitch in; pitch into; play along; play about/around; play at

pine away
He's been pining away since his wife died and is a shadow of his former self.

pipe down
The lecturer asked the students to pipe down and pay attention.

pipe up
At first, no one answered, then finally someone piped up.

pit * against
The war pitted neighbor against neighbor.

pitch for +
爭取 (工作,交易,生意等)
He pitched for the job, but they gave it to someone else.

pitch in
We were behind schedule, but the others pitched in and we got it done in time.

pitch into +
嚴厲批評 (某人);攻擊 (某人)
The shareholders pitched into the management about their pay rises at the meeting.

play along
(為了使某人高興或得到自己想要的東西而) 假裝同意或接受 (某人,某觀點等)
I disagreed with the idea but I had to play along because everyone else liked it.

play about/around
(尤指本該做其他事情時) 胡鬧,瞎搞
The children were play around and being annoying.

play at +
把...不當一回事;對 (某事) 敷衍了事
He just plays at being a lawyer- he never wins a case.