(名詞) 推特 (Twitter -- 微網誌;微型部落格) 社交網路服務及使用該服務的人。這個字是由 Twitter 和 universe 拼綴而成,亦寫成 twitterverse, Twitter-verse

The Twitterverse is expanding.

Twitter, that microblogging tool that caught on with teens and twenty-somethings using it to tell loyal followers what they're doing at any given time — in 140 characters or less — is now becoming part of the business strategy for a wide range of brands, from Skittles to Fairfax County. ...

Shashi Bellamkonda, Network Solutions' social media swami (yes, that's his real title), organized the tutorial, attended by about 30 people. He's a more prolific Twitterer than most, posting anywhere from five to 15 tweets per day about anything from his daily routine to the news. Big companies such as Dell are active in the Twitterverse addressing customer service issues, he said.
—Kim Hart, "Firms Take to The Tweetable Business Model," The Washington Post, March 9, 2009


ghost call

(名詞) 鬼電話;鬼打來的電話 -- 某人不慎撥錯或誤觸手機撥號鍵所打來的未出聲的電話。這個字亦可當動詞用,意為「打鬼電話」。
-- ghost calling (現在分詞/動名詞):打鬼電話。
-- ghost caller (名詞):打鬼電話的人。

One added problem for the emergency teams, particularly at this time of the year, is the inadvertent ghost call made on mobile phones.

Supt Bell said: "With lots of people getting new mobiles for Christmas it is important they know how to lock their keypad. It's easy when unlocked phones are in handbags or pockets to knock them and unwittingly make '999' calls.
—"Don't be a 999 ninny during the New Year," Evening Gazette, December 30, 2008

I am a priest and a woman in my church group was used to calling her husband three or four times a day or more. She is extremely jealous and basically uses the cellphone to track his movements. A while back he must have sat on his phone or something because he "ghost-called" his wife when having drinks with another woman. He was supposed to be at work.
—David Eddie, "Is having a drink with a woman cheating?," The Globe and Mail, March 6, 2009



(名詞) 情侶或夫妻張貼他們即將結婚或剛結婚之訊息的網站。這個字是由 wedding 和 website 拼綴而成,亦寫成 wed-site, wed site

FirstPhera is another name that thrives around the business of weddings, and is developed by Vikas Sabnani who started his venture a year ago in Ahmedabad. FirstPhera is into wedsites-websites that are used by the couple to invite friends and relatives, post pictures, and blogs related to pre and post wedding events. These wedsites also help clients share stories, and view posted greetings from friends' and relatives'.
—"Yes, I do: The business of weddings," The Economic Times, November 7, 2008



(名詞) 走路運動。顯然地,這個字是由 walk 和 exercise 拼綴而成。

除 walk-a-cise 外,近年來還出現不少這種「某英文單字-a-cise」的運動名稱及同名網站,如 box-a-cise (拳擊運動),chair-a-cise (椅子運動 -- 坐在椅子上做一些特定肢體動作的運動),dance-a-cise (舞蹈運動) 等等。這些運動的目的都是在改善和強化運動者的體能 (fitness)。

Confusion ensues, slowing down the furious bikers and dragging into the mix City Hall-area office workers who are just trying to get in a little lunch break walk-a-cise but are now risking loss of limb.
—Robert Sullivan, "The wild bunch," The New York Times, March 8, 2009


sleep hangover

(名詞) 服用某些藥物後在隔天所產生的全身無力、無精打采、昏昏沈沈的現象。hangover 意為「宿醉」。

Those medications can induce next-day grogginess—what some patients call “sleep hangovers.”
—Lindsay Lyon, "10 ways to get better sleep (and maybe cure your insomnia)," US News & World Report, March 3, 2009


quo vadis haircut

(名詞) 剪短的頭髮;短髮。亦叫做 close-cut locks (lock 在此意為「頭髮」,通常用複數)。

And for all of his 16 years giving Mr. Obama his “quo vadishaircut—black parlance from the 1960s for close-cut locks—Zariff said he is not about to start ribbing Mr. Obama. “We do not tease about the gray at all,” he said.
—Helene Cooper, " For young president, flecks of gray," The New York
, March 5, 2009


exit guide

(名詞) 自殺導師;自殺指導員 (協助他人自殺的人)。

據外電報導,美國喬治亞州有一個名為 Final Exit Network 的激進組織,入會費只要區區 50 美元;會員所能獲得的「好處」是,但他決定要自殺時,該組織會派兩名「自殺導師」教導他如何使用兩個氦氣筒和一個塑膠頭罩自殺。

據當局表示,在 Final Exit Network 協助下自殺的人可能已多達 200 人。該組織於 2004 年成立,迄今會員、捐獻者和志工已達 3000 人。該組織表示,他們提供的是寶貴而且人道的服務。該組織在其網站上說,他們「致力於服務那些罹患無法容忍之疾病的人。他們只想幫助受病魔折磨的人解除痛苦。那些人正在受苦,如果他們承受的是難忍的痛楚,他們想要的只不過是解脫而已。」

After a multi-state investigation, four network members—“exit guides,” they call themselves—have been arrested and charged with helping 58-year-old John Celmer of Cumming commit suicide last June.
—Jay Bookman, " Time to pull suicide debate out of shadows," Atlanta Journal-Constitution , March 5, 2009



(名詞) 上社交網站 (social networking sites) 蒐集犯罪證據。

日前外電報導指出,美國最高法院正進入 YouTube 時代。2009年2月間法院審理一件陳情案時,發出的第一張傳票不是要調閱口供或判例,而是索取一段 YouTube 影片的網站連結,以決定警方對拒捕男子採取的行動是否過當。律師表示,未來影片證據及其他電子證據可能成為法院判決的關鍵。

Many of the lessons learned from the increased use of electronic evidence in civil litigation–“e-discovery,” in the parlance of litigators–may be applied to the burgeoning use of social-networking sites to gather evidence in criminal cases.
—Wilson, J.S. (2008). MySpace, your space, or our space? New frontiers in electronic evidence. Oregon Law Review, 86, 1203. (此為APA 的期刊引用格式;後面的數字,前者為冊數 --斜體,後者為頁數)


file carving

(名詞) 檔案內容復原技術。亦叫做 data carving

這種技術能夠在磁碟之未配置空間內,自動尋找嵌附在這些硬碟空間的 doc、pdf 文件檔抑或 jpg等圖片檔案,精準呈現可疑之檔案內容。由於現在犯罪嫌犯的電腦技術日益高深,而且少部份嫌犯已懂得如何讓犯罪檔案「隱形」。因此,能夠學習如何破解密碼以及如何尋找內隱的檔案,對於重要案件之偵查,將有莫大的助益。

It is an example of a sophisticated technique called file carving—restoring the contents of a file after the identifying information that accompanies it has been removed or lost.
—Anne Eisenberg, " Sleuthing software can reassemble deleted photos," The New York Times, March 1, 2009



(名詞) 全額支付的學費。

Many colleges discount tuition an average of 30 to 40 percent. Still, by offering even a relatively small cut, colleges get students who pay a hefty price. “The full-pays are few and far between,” said Greg Eichhorn, the vice president for enrollment management at Albright. “What we’re looking for are better-pays.”
—Kate Zernike, " To keep students, colleges cut anything but aid," The New York Times, February 28, 2009