(現在分詞/動名詞) 從網路上一群可信任的同儕當中蒐集資訊、建議及其他回應。亦寫成 friend-sourcing, friend sourcing
friendsource (動詞):從網路上一群可信任的同儕當中蒐集資訊、建議及其他回應。
friendsourcer (名詞):從網路上一群可信任的同儕當中蒐集資訊、建議及其他回應的人。

Chorus, which is free, allows you to see which apps that your friends have downloaded and rated highly. It then uses algorithms to make recommendations based on those preferences. The idea, Mr. Jha said, is that app suggestions aren't too far off from film or restaurant recommendations — people want informal endorsements from people they trust have good taste.
—Jenna Wortham, "Friendsourcing the Quest for iPhone Apps," The New York Times, November 3, 2009


beer miler

(名詞) 喝啤酒賽跑 (比賽) 的參賽者。
beer mile (名詞):喝啤酒賽跑 (比賽)。
beer miling (現在分詞):喝啤酒賽跑。

顧名思義,這項賽跑的距離為一英里,跑四圈,男子組每圈喝一罐啤酒,共喝四罐,而女子組則喝三罐。這項運動比賽起源於加拿大,但有逐漸向世界各地蔓延的趨勢。目前 beer mile 的世界紀錄保持人是一位名叫 Jim Finlayson 的加拿大男士,時間為 5 分 9 秒。

He belongs to a generation of runners whose carefree attitudes have fuelled the popularity of running clubs that prove, according to Canadian Running magazine editor Michal Kapral, "we're not a bunch of prudes." They include beer milers, who claim a fair number of frat boys but also serious runners.
—Hayley Mick, "A beer before a run? Some serious runners say yes," The Globe and Mail, October 29, 2009

The event usually happens at a dark, secluded track, away from campus security or city police — sometimes it might even take place on a farmer's field in the country — but no matter the venue, the challenge remains the same. The contest calls for runners to chug four beers (three for the women's event) at regular 400m intervals during a mile race, in an attempt to crown the fastest beer miler.
—Mihira Lakshman, "Beer and running — an unlikely pairing," Canadian Running, October 29, 2009



(名詞) 神經安全性:神經裝置 (neural devices) 的安全措施和通訊協定 (protocols)。

由於神經裝置的問世,人類得以透過神經介面 (neural interface) 用思想操作電腦、控制輪椅及其他機器,但這些裝置在設計之初並未考慮到安全性問題,因此越來越多的科學家擔心神經裝置,或更廣義地說人腦,可能成為駭客下一個攻擊的目標。他們呼籲安全專家和相關人士正視神經裝置領域的潛在安全問題,未雨綢繆,以使「人腦被入侵」的可能性降至最低。

Despite the risks, Kohno said, most new devices aren't created with security in mind. Neural engineers carefully consider the safety and reliability of new equipment, and neuroethicists focus on whether a new device fits ethical guidelines. But until now, few groups have considered how neural devices might be hijacked to perform unintended actions. This is the first time an academic paper has addressed the topic of "neurosecurity," a term the group coined to describe their field.
—Hadley Leggett, "The Next Hacking Frontier: Your Brain?," Wired Science, July 9, 2009


pop-up store

(名詞) 臨時性商店 (僅開設數週或幾個月就關閉的商店)。亦叫做 pop-up retailer

這種零售業型態於 2004 年間發源於美國,零售商 (大多是品牌零售商) 在商業鬧區或其他據點設立臨時店鋪推銷其品牌或以某一季節性的消費者為其銷售對象,由於銷售的商品都是主流或限量發行的商品,因此往往能吸引大批消費者的青睞。這種商店由於事先並不做任何宣傳和廣告,而是突然間出現在街頭某處,快速吸引消費者,在經營短暫時間後旋即又消失不見,因而被稱為「臨時性商店」。pop-up 在英文中意為「突然彈出的」。

[A] growing number of merchants are opening shops and abruptly shutting them down soon after — on purpose. These quickie retail operations — known as pop-ups — are showing up throughout Southern California and around the nation, filling in the gaps at recession-battered shopping centers for a fraction of the regular rents. Once limited to seasonal shops and dusty liquidation centers, pop-up stores are now being opened by some of the nation's biggest retailers.
—Andrea Chang, "'Pop-up' stores becoming an overnight sensation," Los Angeles Times, October 17, 2009



(名詞) 不完全苜蓿型交流道。這個字是 partial cloverleaf interchange 的簡寫。

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation designed a modification to the original cloverleaf to address its shortcomings for the 400-series highways. The redesign creates more room for acceleration and deceleration and avoids the notoriously dangerous weaving lane. The Parclo has been embraced throughout the world as one of the most popular freeway-to-arterial interchange designs.
—"Partial Cloverleaf Interchange (Parclo)," The Canadian Design Resource, September 24, 2009

parclo design in Canada



(名詞) 西洋棋拳擊賽。由 chess 和 boxing 組合而成。

顧名思義,這是一種由西洋棋 (chess) 和拳擊 (boxing) 混合而成的運動比賽,由荷蘭藝術家 Iepe Rubingh 於 2003 年所創。比賽共有 11 回合,在拳擊擂台上競技,西洋棋和拳擊輪流交替進行, 第一回合先進行西洋棋賽。在西洋棋比賽中,選手不戴拳擊手套,但戴著耳機和耳塞以便專心思考。西洋棋賽每回合四分鐘,而拳擊賽每回合三分鐘,由先將對方將死 (checkmate) 或擊倒 (knockout) 的一方獲勝。若 11 回合結束後仍不分勝負,則由拳賽積點最多的一方獲勝。這種比賽目前僅在歐洲國家進行,但有越來越盛行的趨勢。

As the name would suggest in Chessboxing, rounds of chess are alternated with rounds of boxing. They take turns over 11 rounds with four minutes of chess and three of boxing. The action takes place in the ring in full boxing gear, although the gloves are removed for the chess. The competitors also wear earplugs and headphones during the chess rounds to help with concentration.

If there is no winner after 11 rounds of punching and castling, victory is awarded to the fighter with the most points in the boxing ring.
—Chris Irvine, "Chessboxing popularity grows with London show," Telegraph, October 12, 2009



(名詞) 緊身牛仔褲。這個字是由 jeans (牛仔褲) 和 leggings (女性緊身褲) 拼綴而成。

“What’s so great this year,” she says, “is that they’re making jeans that are great for boots.” They’re slim, soft, light and tight, fitting almost like leggings. In fact, At the store they like to call them “jeggings.”
—Jill Rosen, "Just a bit of edge," Baltimore Sun, September 4, 2009



(名詞) 上港:上海 (Shanghai) 和香港 (Hongkong) 的合稱。由於上海簡稱「滬」,因此也有人將 Shangkong 譯為「滬港」。

Once the global recovery begins, however, New York and London might be vying less with one another than with a new competitor in the form of a partnership between Hong Kong and Shanghai—call it “Shangkong”—a highly consequential shift of financial gravity to the east.
—Jeffrey Garten, "Amid economic rubble, Shangkong will rise," Financial Times, May 11, 2009



(動詞) (運動比賽中) 未得分。

這個字原本僅當名詞用,是網球及其他運動比賽長期使用的一個字,意為「零分」(zero)。在網球比賽中,bagel (貝果) 的意思是以 6-0 的比數拿下該盤 (set),而 double bagel 就是以 6-0,6-0 直落二贏得該場比賽。

As usual after a defeat, Venus was tight-lipped, offering platitudes but no explanation as to what happened, especially in the first set when, as they say in tennis, she got bageled.
—Art Spander, "Clijsters looks refreshed while hobbled Venus might be nearing end,", September 6, 2009


shy bowel

(名詞) 害羞的腸子:在公共廁所無法排便 (想拉但拉不出來) 的狀況,又稱公廁恐懼症 (public restroom phobia)。

引句中的 number two (二號) 為大便的委婉語 -- 小便的委婉語叫做 number one (一號);它們常見的搭配有 to do number two/one 和 to make number two/one (上大號/小號)。再者,引句中的 behind 當名詞用,為口語的「屁股」。

Parcopresis is the phobia assigned to those who absolutely cannot do number two in a public restroom. This phobia is also termed as “shy bowel” because the sufferer, your date, must have a certain level of privacy before their mind will let their behind “let loose.”
—Michele Gwynn, "Public restroom phobia cripples dating,", August 20, 2009