(名詞) 行動電影。這是 mobile movie 的縮寫,又稱露天或戶外電影 (guerrilla drive-in)。
MobMover (n.):行動電影播放者;行動電影製作人。

MobMov drawing大家都知道,坐在大型電影院觀賞立體聲的院線片或租一片 DVD 回家,舒舒服服地坐在沙發上觀賞自己喜愛的影片,是一種享受。然而,最近幾年來,美國有一群包括獨立製片人在內的人士致力於另一種電影放映方式,他們像打游擊式地四處播放影片給別人欣賞。以現年 38 歲的費城網頁製作人楊格 (John Young) 為例,過去四年來,他經常駕著一部安裝了一台 16mm 放映機的 1977 年 BMW 機車,不論颳風下雨或天氣嚴寒,四處放映電影給別人觀賞。他說:「為因應不同的電影情節,我會盡量選擇能襯托主題的地點來放映,這是一種特殊的電影欣賞經驗,也是一種冒險,如在鬼屋外播放《魔鬼剋星》(Ghostbusters),在高爾夫球場播放《瘋狂高爾夫》(Caddyshack),在獨木舟出租中心播放《瘋狂夏令營》(Meatballs)。」

雖然楊格的作法與數十年前的電影播放方式相似,復古風十足,但一些自己製作 drive-in 的團體或個人則使用 DVD 或 LCD 放影機來播放影片。他們也經常邀集三五同好一起到某個地點放映和觀賞影片,既能聯誼,又能體驗另類影片觀賞方式所帶來的刺激感。不過,他們通常堅持坐在車內觀賞影片 (drive-in 原義為免下車的服務),而電影的聲音或音效是透過 FM 發送器從每部車的收音機播出。

Guerrilla drive-ins or “MobMovs”—shorthand for mobile movies—are popping up around the country in a variety of configurations. Unlike Young’s old-school use of real film, guerrilla drive-ins typically eschew the analog in favor of DVDs and LCD projectors. [...] And though they’re decidedly DIY-style, all aspiring MobMovers are urged to keep it legal and secure required approvals from property owners and film distributors, who charge roughly $150 to $300 for a showing.
—Joann Loviglio, "'Guerrilla drive-ins' turn nostalgia on its head," Washington Post, May 9, 2009

Ghostbusters showing



(名詞) 1. 失業後有更多時間做自己想做之事的快樂時光;2. 失業後更快活的情況。這個字是由 fun 和 unemployment 拼綴而成。funemployed (adj.):失業樂活的。the funemployed (n.):失業樂活族。

What most people would call unemployment, Van Gorkom embraced as “funemployment.” While millions of Americans struggle to find work as they face foreclosures and bankruptcy, others have found a silver lining in the economic meltdown. These happily jobless tend to be single and in their 20s and 30s. Some were laid off. Some quit voluntarily, lured by generous buyouts. Buoyed by severance, savings, unemployment checks or their parents, the funemployed do not spend their days poring over job listings. They travel on the cheap for weeks. They head back to school or volunteer at the neighborhood soup kitchen. And at least till the bank account dries up, they’re content living for today.
—Kimi Yoshino, "For the funemployed, unemployment is welcome," Los Angeles Times, June 4, 2009



(名詞) 玩窒息性愛 (autoerotic partial asphyxia) 的人。除 autoerotic partial asphyxia 外,窒息性愛在國外亦叫做 scarfing, breath control play, edge play 或 asphyxiophilia。窒息性愛死亡 (事件) 叫做 autoerotic death。gasper 原義為「喘氣的人」。

Autoerotic death is, usually, an accidental death while attempting to achieve orgasm via some form of asphyxiation. Estimates have placed deaths from this practice, in the United States, at between 500-1,000 per year. Other names for autoerotic partial asphyxia are scarfing, breath control play, edge play or asphyxiophilia. [...] People who engage in it are often referred to as gaspers.
—Patricia A. Farrell, "Sex and Death: The ultimate price for pleasure," ExpertClick, June 5, 2009


sexual anorexia

(名詞) 性慾缺乏 (症);厭性 (症):對配偶提不起「性」趣,但對看A片 (watch porn) 卻「性」致勃勃的症狀或情況。anorexia 原意為「食慾缺乏 (症);厭食 (症)」。

Your husband’s behavior is actually very common for people who have a sexual addiction. There is a term for it: Sexual Anorexia—he starves you sexually because he no longer needs you—he has videos which don’t demand anything from him. He has actors on a stage who seem to give him all he needs, and they do not expect anything.
—Lucile Zimmerman, "Help, my husband is addicted to porn…," Examiner, May 29, 2009


space headache

(名詞) 太空頭痛:太空人在太空旅行期間所遭遇的一種會使身體虛弱的頭痛。

Astronauts need to add space headache to their list of occupational hazards, say researchers. ...

The researchers believe there are a number of reasons why space travel could cause headaches, the root cause being microgravity.

Microgravity is known to cause lower oxygen levels in the blood and this may be the trigger for space headache.
—"Space headache a real phenomenon," BBC News, June 2, 2009



(名詞) 下午 6 時之前吃素的人 (6 時之後則葷素不忌,什麼都吃)。VB6 是 vegan before 6 的縮寫。

VB6. No, it's not a tomato cocktail or the latest version of a computer programming language. VB6 is short for Vegan Before 6, the increasingly popular veggie-heavy diet that converts say can do wonders for both the body and the planet.

Coined and devised by food writer Mark Bittman, the regime is pretty self-explanatory: No animal products, processed food or simple carbohydrates during the day. After 6 p.m., anything goes.
—Alexandra Gill, "Tick tock, it's steak o'clock," The Globe and Mail,
May 27, 2009


Idaho stop

STOP and YIELD signs(名詞) 車輛 (尤其是腳踏車) 減速慢行但並未完全停下來的讓路行為。

為什麼使用 Idaho (美國愛達荷州) 這個字呢? 該州 1982 年通過一項法律,允許腳踏車騎士將停止標誌 (stop signs) 視為讓路標誌 (yield signs)。這也就是說,他們不必將單車完全停下來,但必須將道路先行權 (right-of-way) 讓給行人及其他車輛。

Here's an idea that would light up talk-radio phone lines, even though it would do little more than legalize what many cyclists do every day anyway: It's called the Idaho stop. ...

Almost no cyclist, even the most cautious, stops at stop signs in this city. Dr. Gridlock has previously smugly bragged that he does. But, in fact, he does not. He does Idaho stops.
—Jeff Gray, "Idaho stop one way to fuel 'war on the car'," The Globe and Mail, May 29, 2009


bear claw

(名詞) 熊爪抱 (男生擁抱女生時,男生雙肘橫伸,以不自然的姿態摟著女生的擁抱)。


在紐澤西州的Pascack Hills中學,擁抱是如此地普遍和盛行,以致學生們還把擁抱分門別類:有基本的朋友擁抱 (the basic friend hug)、「熊抱」(bear hug) 以及「熊爪抱」(bear claw)。其它的擁抱方式還有:先舉手擊掌、拳與拳相碰再往背後拍一掌然後擁抱的「拍打抱」(the hug that starts with a high-five, then moves into a fist bump, followed by a slap on the back and an embrace),先握手然後屈身的「握抱」(the shake and lean),從背後的「後抱」(the hug from behind) 以及最新的「三人抱」(the triple) -- 任何三人的男女組合,三人齊抱。


女生互抱,女生抱男生,男生互抱,男生抱女生 -- 擁抱已成為美國青少年相聚或告別時最受歡迎的社交儀式。老師稱他們「一小時抱一次」和「六小時抱一次」,彷彿他們是久別重逢的好友。

Teenagers hug
There is so much hugging at Pascack Hills High School in Montvale, N.J., that students have broken down the hugs by type: There is the basic friend hug, probably the most popular, and the bear hug, of course. But now there is also the bear claw, when a boy embraces a girl awkwardly with his elbows poking out.
—Sarah Kershaw, "For Teenagers, Hello Means ‘How About a Hug?’," The New York Times, May 27, 2009


bet dieting

(名詞/動名詞) 打賭減肥;打賭減重。
bet dieter (n.):打賭減肥者;打賭減重者。

這是美國和英國新興的減重方法,而且越來越流行。其作法是:想要減肥的人加入某個打賭減肥網站 (如 StickK) 並打賭如果減肥不成功就將一筆錢捐給他或她不喜歡或不認同的某個慈善機構或其他組織。相似的片語還有 diet betting 和 diet bet,但它們早在一、二十年前就已出現,其中 diet bet 更可追溯到 1986 年。

Bet dieting is the newest rage and there are a few websites that enable it, but stickK has an extra ploy: the "anti-charity." Choosing the most politically controversial non-profit charities to motivate someone to achieve their goals is a great idea. Science and the stock market know that risk is a much more powerful motivator than reward.
—Boomer Babe, "Bet dieting: If You Lose You Pay Guns, God, & Gays!," InventorSpot, May 23, 2009

Most of the seasonal customs Drake-Carnell records appear, like my Bank Holidays, to involve cakes and ale in some combination. Some of them in bizarre conjunction with penny-throwing or ancient religious, possibly even pagan, observance. But none of them combine food, money and cultish devotion like the contemporary craze that is bet dieting.

It was reported this weekend that slimmers are signing up for a website called StickK, on which they post their target weight and pledge to donate money to a cause they hate if they fail to meet their target. Apparently this provides dieters with the extra incentive necessary to shift the last stubborn pounds.
—Michael Gove, "Ye olde custom: cursing of the SatNav," The Times (London), May 25, 2009


recycled pulsar

(名詞) 回收脈衝星。

根據「科學」(Science) 雜誌5月21日的報導,脈衝星為一種特殊類別的中子星 (neutron stars),是大量星體爆炸成為超新星 (supernovae) 所產生的殘骸。它們誕生時會快速旋轉 (高達每秒數十次),並在旋轉時以帶有無線電能 (radio energy) 的光束劃破天際,之後轉速漸漸緩慢下來直到不再發出無線電波為止,然後消逝 (第二度消逝)。然而,一些消逝的脈衝星竟然又轉化為超長壽命、每秒可旋轉數百次的超快速毫秒脈衝星 (millisecond pulsar)。由於這些脈衝星的誕生有如吾人生活中的垃圾回收,因此科學家將之稱為「 回收脈衝星」。這是科學家首次發現的宇宙星球回收現象。

Astronomers have long theorized that these superfast stars share their orbit with a companion star from which they leech extra material. The material settles around the pulsar’s middle in a so-called accretion disk. As material from the disk falls onto the surface of the pulsar, it imparts enough angular momentum to spin back up into what scientists call a ”recycled pulsar.” “We mean it in the same sense as recycling your plastics,” Archibald said. “These pulsars have died and become invisible and useless to us, but they get brought back to life by getting fed from a companion.”
—Lisa Grossman, " Wired Science News for Your Neurons Missing Link in Pulsar Evolution Is a Cannibal," Wired, May 21, 2009