(形容詞/名詞) 在某人不知情的情況下將某物放入他或她的口袋。亦寫成 putpocketing
put-pocket, putpocket (n.)。

London police warned Friday that an advertising campaign for a mobile phone operator involving former pickpockets actually slipping money into people's pockets could cause trouble. In the "put-pocketing" stunt for TalkTalk, a total of 100,000 pounds will be 'given back' to recession-hit Brits by a 20-strong team of former pickpockets.
—"London police oppose 'put-pocketing' stunt," Agence France Presse, August 21, 2009

Mark Schmid, communications director of TalkTalk, said: "With so many scams out there, Britons have become very sceptical of companies giving money away — so we have turned to Put-Pocketing to give something back. "While unconventional, we don't think anyone is going to mind finding a crisp £20 in their pocket courtesy of the activity."
—Jennifer Whitehead, "TalkTalk courts controversy with £100k stunt involving ex-pickpocketers," Brand Republic, August 20, 2009



(名詞) 同性父母 (same-sex parents) 的子女。亦叫做 queer spawn

他們可能是兩名男同性戀者或女同性戀者所領養的孩子,也可能是同性夫妻透過捐卵、捐精或代理孕母等生殖技術所生的孩子。根據統計,美國約有 1% 的夫妻 (594,390 人) 承認他們是男同性戀者、女同性戀者或變性人,其中約 20% 扶養了 18 歲以下的孩子。此外,在所有養父母當中,約有 4% 是同性夫妻。由於同性父母的子女人數越來越多,學者專家乃將此一現象或情況稱為 gayby boom。

In 1994, Daddy Dave and Daddy Bob prepared 5-year-old Elizabeth Wall for the first day of kindergarten in New Jersey, meeting with the principal in advance to ease her transition as the daughter of two gay men. [...] Wall is one of a growing number of children, who affectionately call themselves “gaybies” or queer spawn.
—Susan Donaldson James, "'Gayby Boom' Fueled by Same-Sex Parents," ABC News, August 3, 2009


digital nomad

(名詞) 數位游牧民族:利用科技 (尤指無線網路) 來工作而不需要辦公室或其他固定地址的人。
digital nomadism (n.):數位游牧生活。

Gruber and Consalvo are digital nomads. They work — clad in shorts, T-shirts and sandals — wherever they find a wireless Web connection to reach their colleagues via instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and occasionally by voice on their iPhones or Skype. As digital nomads, experts say, they represent a natural evolution in teleworking. The Internet let millions of wired people work from home; now, with widespread WiFi, many have cut the wires and left home (or the dreary office) to work where they please — and especially around other people, even total strangers.
—Michael S. Rosenwald, "Digital Nomads Choose Their Tribes," The Washington Post, July 26, 2009


.5 generation

(名詞) 零點五世代:美國 65 歲以上的外來移民。

這名詞係創造來與被稱為 1.5 generation (1.5 世代) 的較年輕移民有所區別。

Sociologists call Mr. Singh and his cohort the “.5 generation,” distinct from the “1.5 generation”—younger transplants who became bicultural through school and work. Immigrant elders leave a familiar home, some without electricity or running water, for a multigenerational home in communities like Fremont that demographers call ethnoburbs.
—Patricia Leigh Brown, " Invisible Immigrants, Old and Left With ‘Nobody to Talk To’," New York Times, August 31, 2009



(形容詞) 被裁員的,被資遣的。

這個字是由 RIF (reduction in force) 衍生而來的。reduction in force 原本是軍事用語,意為「兵力精簡」,但現在也應用於商業上,意為「縮編;裁員;遣散」。

TUSD rehires 88% of riffed teachers. School starts Monday for kids in Tucson's largest district TUSD. Today was the first day for teachers, and hundreds more than originally expected are returning to classrooms. Last spring TUSD gave pink slips to 562 teachers. This summer it rehired 498 of them.
—"TUSD rehires 88% of riffed teachers," KVOA-TV, August 13, 2009



(名詞) 贊同在我家附近興建可能對社區造成危險或破壞原有環境的設施;同意在我家附近進行類似的開發案。這個字是 yes in my backyard 的頭字語。
YIMBYism (n.):這種態度。
YIMBYist (n.):抱持這種態度的人。

When is a NIMBY not a NIMBY?

When the NIMBY is actually a YIMBY — Yes In My Backyard.

The YIMBY movement in Toronto is considered a positive antidote to the negative image that stalks many neighbourhood activist and resident groups better known for what they oppose than the ideas they favour.
—Tess Kalinowski, "YIMBYists seek positive solutions (see sidebar)," The Toronto Star, February 14, 2009

Northern Virginia: I'm really impressed by Secretary Gates's actual decisions to cut unnecessary defense projects. The natural reaction is howls from the Senators and representatives from the affected areas. My question is, will any Senator (like a John McCain, say) be statesman enough to stand up in support of Gates, or will the yes-in-my-backyard (yimby) voices be the only ones heard from?
—"Post Politics: Obama's Iraq Visit, Presidential Popularity, More," Washington Post, April 8, 2009

(NIMBY 的意思請參見 https://www.cybertranslator.idv.tw/misc_cont2.htm)


rain fade

(名詞) 手機等裝置的無線傳輸信號遇雨衰減的效應。

Rain and snow absorb the signal, reducing the quality of the service during storms, an effect the industry calls “rain fade.”
—Peter Wayner, “With WiMax, Walking on the Wireless Side in Baltimore,” New York Times, July 30, 2009



(名詞) 恫嚇軟體。

恫嚇軟體主要可分為兩類。第一類以防火牆和登錄檔清除軟體佔大多數,這類軟體安裝後雖然也提供該軟體應有的功能,但三不五時就會跳出一個視窗,發出警告訊息,警告說電腦已遭到木馬和間諜程式 (spyware) 的侵襲或受到惡意程式 (malicious program) 的威脅,要求使用者立即連到訊息中提供的網站付費購買其實一點作用都沒有的移除程式。


一般而言,恫嚇軟體本身不一定會造成危害,通常造成真正危害的可能是後續下載的程式。如果恫嚇軟體沒有後續危害動作,其目的只是要讓使用者驚嚇、焦慮或心生恐懼,那麼這類恫嚇軟體又被稱為惡作劇軟體 (prank software)。但如果恫嚇軟體不但以假的警告訊息誤導使用者購買無用的移除程式,而該移除程式本身即是間諜軟體或惡意程式,那麼這類恫嚇軟體就被稱為流氓軟體 (rouge software) 或流氓防毒軟體 (rouge anti-virus software)。

This Innovagest2000 domain has for at least four years now been associated with spyware and so-called “scareware,” surreptitiously installed software that bombards the victim with incessant and misleading warnings that their PC is infested with malicious software.
—Brian Krebs, " Following the Money: Rogue Anti-virus Software," Washington Post: Security Fix, July 31, 2009


SPF creep

(名詞) 防曬品 (sunscreen) 和化妝品的防曬係數 (sun protection factor, SPF) 數值逐漸增加。

SPF 50. SPF 70. Even SPF 100! Whatever happened to good ol' SPF 30? Clinique has new SPF 50 Face Cream. Dermaglow offers 70 SPF Cream. And Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 100 was introduced to the US market this season. What's up with the new crop of through-the-roof-SPF sunscreens?

Is SPF creep about advanced protection...or advanced hype?
—Yuki Hayashi, "Mega sunscreens," Elle Canada, July 10, 2009


buy-and-bust operation

(名詞) 臥底警察 (undercover police officers) 或緝毒幹員 (narcotics detectives ) 偽裝身份向毒販 (drug dealers) 購毒並加以逮捕的行動。

A narcotics cop wounded a drug suspect who pulled out a toy gun during a buy-and-bust operation in the Bronx early Wednesday, police said.

The borough's second police shooting in less than a week unfolded around 12:30 a.m. when an undercover officer approached Keith Johnson and offered him $30 for crack.
—Barry Paddock, Alison Gendar and Wil Cruz, "Drug suspect shot by cops in Bronx; 2nd shooting this week in borough," New York Daily News, July 8, 2009