bidirectional charging

(名詞/不可數) 雙向充電 - 一種可將電動車電池中的電力轉移出車輛並用來提供其他設備電力的系統。

One of the most talked about features in the EV world works only when your car is parked: Bidirectional charging allows owners to turn their vehicles into four-wheeled batteries, sending power back to their homes, appliances and even to the utility grid. Currently, bidirectional charging is available in only a handful of cars. But its popularity is growing: GM announced that the technology will come standard in all its electric vehicles by model year 2026.
[, 4 September 2023]

電動車界最受關注的功能之一只有在汽車停車時才有作用:雙向充電可讓車主將他們的車輛變成四輪電池,將電力輸送回他們的住家、電器用品甚至公用電網。目前,只有少數汽車支援雙向充電。但它受歡迎的程度正與日俱增:通用汽車 (GM) 宣布,到 2026 年,該技術將成為其所有電動車的標準配備。



(名詞/不可數) 園藝未來主義 - 一種花園設計風格,通常受到科幻小說的啟發,以不尋常的植物、非常明亮的色彩,以及使花園在夜間看起來很吸引人的燈光為特色。

Expect to see bold and bright colors in 2024 with gardens that look straight out of a science fiction movie. Coined "hortifuturism" by Garden Media, the trend replaces cold, metallic hues with vibrant color. With this trend, the brand anticipates more terrariums, survivalist gardens, night gardens, neon-colored plants, and foliage with bright variegation.
[, 27 October 2023]

預計在 2024 年,您將看到大膽而明亮的色彩,花園就像是科幻電影中的場景。 Garden Media 創造了「園藝未來主義」一詞,這一趨勢是以鮮豔的色彩取代了冰冷的金屬色調。隨著這一趨勢,該品牌預計將出現更多的玻璃栽培器皿、生存主義花園、夜間花園、霓虹色植物和色彩鮮豔的枝葉。



(名詞/不可數) 簡訊約會 - 與您在約會軟體上認識的人互傳許多文字訊息,但從未親自見過他們進行面對面的約會。

If you've ever found yourself in a back and forth texting marathon with a potential partner only to wind up with no actual in-person date to show for your time, you've probably been a victim of dexting. A combination of "dating" and "texting", dexting is when people form strong bonds over text after meeting on a dating app but never actually arrange a real date.
[, 7 September 2023]

如果您發現自己與可能的伴侶進行了一場來來回回的簡訊馬拉松,結果卻沒有實際的面對面約會,那麼您可能就是簡訊約會的受害者。Dexing 是由「約會」(dating) 和「簡訊」(texting) 組合而成,是指人們在約會軟體上認識後透過簡訊或文字訊息建立了牢固的聯繫,但實際上從未安排過真正的約會。


zombie cell

(名詞/可數) 殭屍細胞 - 受損且無法再增殖但仍留在體內並可能導致與年齡有關之疾病的細胞。

Scientists are working on drugs that kill "zombie cells" to help you live to 200. Zombie cells are a terror-inducing nickname for senescent cells, damaged cells that refuse to die. These damaged cells pile up as we age and lead to inflammation and altered stem cell function.
[, 29 June 2023]

科學家正在研究殺死「殭屍細胞」的藥物,以幫助您活到 200 歲。殭屍細胞是衰老細胞 (即拒絕死亡的受損細胞) 一個令人恐懼的別稱。 這些受損細胞隨著年齡的增長而堆積,導致發炎及幹細胞功能病變。



(名詞/不可數) 男性施打肉毒桿菌 (Botox) 的療程。

The rise of so-called Brotox is being reported in the UK, where the male grooming industry is worth an estimated £500 million a year. Celebrities aren't immune from this trend. Plastic surgeons say that more and more male stars appeared to be "jumping on the Brotox bandwagon".
[, 12 August 2023]

據報導,英國正興起所謂的 Brotox 風潮;在英國,男性美容產業的年產值估計為 5 億英鎊。名流也不能倖免於這股趨勢。整形外科醫生表示,越來越多的男明星似乎「一窩蜂跟進這股 Brotox 風潮」。


charge rage

(名詞/不可數) 充電暴力 - 正在為電動車充電的駕駛人與排隊等候充電的其他駕駛人之間的怒目相向或暴力行為。參見 road rage:公路暴力 (指駕駛人之間因超車或其他事件而動怒或訴諸暴力)。

Electric vehicle owners furiously arguing with each other over charging points because there aren't enough of them available are having to get up in the dead of night to power up their motors. Such is the "charge rage" that marshals are being brought in to police frustrated drivers at motorway service stations.
[, 3 October 2023]



conversational commerce

(名詞/不可數) 對話式商務 - 使用聊天機器人 (chatbots) 及其他機器學習技術,讓人們在線上購物、尋求建議等時感覺自己正在跟真人交談。

With conversational commerce, customers can get quick answers to important questions, easily purchase items without having to navigate through entire websites, and receive helpful suggestions based on their previously collected customer data, including personalized product recommendations.
[, 24 August 2023]



poltergeist attack

(名詞/可數) 吵鬧鬼的攻擊 - 一種利用高頻聲音來造成自動駕駛汽車使用的機器學習演算法在識別人、物體及其他車輛時出錯的方法,這可能導致事故的發生。

Poltergeist 意為「喜歡移動家具或亂扔東西來弄出聲響的人;吵鬧鬼;喧鬧鬼」。

Poltergeist attacks diverge from traditional cyber threats, such as hacking or jamming. They create deceptive visual realities, similar to optical illusions, for machines employing machine learning for decision-making processes.
[, 26 September 2023]



loud laborer

(名詞/可數) 大聲的勞工 - 喜歡在同事面前大聲嚷嚷說他們在工作中多麼忙碌和成功的人,但實際上情況往往並非如此。

It's highly likely that at some point in your career, you've encountered a "loud laborer". These are the people who love to toot their own horn. They're constantly banging on about all the great stuff they've done … so much so that they hardly have time to actually complete their work. But that doesn't matter, because to a loud laborer, work is not about productivity, but the appearance of it.
[, 28 August 2023]


crying make-up

(名詞/不可數) 哭妝 -一種化妝造型,使化了這種妝的人看起來好像正在哭泣或才剛剛哭過。

"Crying make-up" is taking over TikTok, but has the "sad girl aesthetic" finally gone too far? Noor Mubarak, a psychological wellbeing practitioner, agrees that the crying make-up trend can be problematic. "For those who are struggling with feelings of despair and tearfulness, it can feel trivialising to see people trying to look like they are struggling for aesthetic purposes."
[, 28 October 2022]