(名詞) 與嬰兒同床俾方便哺乳 (breastfeeding) 的作法。這個字是由 breastfeeding + co-sleeping 拼綴而成。
breastsleep (動詞)

In a peer-reviewed report published in Acta Paediatrica, McKenna argues that we should return to “breastsleeping,” the act of combining breastfeeding with infant sleep, a co-sleeping model that mothers around the world have been practicing for thousands of years.
—Erin Schumaker, “Why One Researcher Thinks Mothers And Infants Should Share Beds,” Healthy Living Editor, The Huffington Post, October 6, 2015

Babies need to be nursed both day and night. Mothers and babies need sleep. Ergo, breastsleeping.
—“Breastsleeping — New word, Old concept,” DONA International, October 7, 2015


small-footprint living

(名詞) 碳足跡極少的生活方式,亦即使個人對環境的影響降至最低的生活方式。亦寫成 small footprint living

Given their lower income relative to previous generations, many urban Millennials favor small-footprint living: studios, a few one bedrooms, some congregate housing, and micro-units.
—A-P Hurd, "How Outdated Parking Laws Price Families Out of the City," The Atlantic, August 7, 2014

Another key to "small-footprint" living: healthy, local eating habits. Easy access to Minneapolis' thriving co-ops makes it easy for Traeger to replace fast food with fresh, home-cooked dishes, which she occasionally supplements with meals at Birchwood Cafe and other farm-to-table mainstays in her area.
—Brian Martucci, "How a car-free calling led to a healthier, fuller, smaller-footprint life," The Line, March 24, 2015


shade balls

(名詞) 塑膠遮陽球。

註:2015 年 8 月間,洛杉磯市政府把近億顆 (9,600 萬顆) 黑色塑膠遮陽球倒入水庫來覆蓋水面,讓外界頗感好奇。原來這樣做的目的是為了防止水庫的水分蒸發、滋生水藻,同時保持水源不受鳥糞等的污染,就連太陽照射引發的化學變化也可以減輕。


Called shade balls, 80 million of the hollow black orbs are needed to cover the reservoirs in Los Angeles to stop sunlight from triggering a potentially dangerous chemical reaction between bromite, which occurs naturally in groundwater, and the chlorine used to disinfect drinking water.
—Catherine Kavanaugh, "Plastic balls protect California reservoirs," PlasticsNews, January 3, 2014

The EPA mandates that all reservoirs be covered, but because tarps can be expensive and metal coverings can take too long to install, shade balls — at least in Los Angeles — are becoming a preferred method.
—Laura Wagner, "LA Rolls Out Water-Saving 'Shade Balls'," NPR, August 11, 2015



(圖片來源:YouTube 影片截圖)

(圖片來源:BloombergBusiness 網站)

silver alert

(名詞) 銀髮族 (尤指罹患癡呆症或阿茲海默症等認知功能障礙的老年人) 走失的大眾通報系統。

Mr. Casey, who sits on the Senate Special Committee on Aging, said the issue of seniors suffering from dementia who wander off is a growing problem as Americans age and more seniors are cared for at home. He held a news conference Friday at United Neighborhood Centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania's West Scranton Senior Center to discuss creating a "Silver Alert," which would inform law enforcement and the public when a senior goes missing.
—David Falchek, "Casey: 'Silver Alert' needed to protect seniors with dementia," The Scranton Times-Tribune, February 1, 2014

As six out of 10 people with dementia are apt to wander, the county is expanding its Alert San Diego system to notify residents of specific areas when someone is missing. The so-called "Silver Alerts" will make reverse 9-1-1 calls to the estimated 375,000 people registered with the system.
—Michele Parente, "Alzheimer's Project takes shape," The San Diego Union-Tribune, July 6, 2015


distraction addict

(名詞) 容易分心且經常分心而忘了手邊工作的人。亦寫成 distraction-addict
distraction addiction (名詞):容易分心;經常分心。

Over the past few weeks I've been trying to let myself be bored, and to note the type. A confirmed distraction addict, I often found it torturous, but at times surprisingly rewarding.
—Kate Bussmann, "Is boredom good for you?," The Telegraph, June 1, 2014

There is definitely a correlation between my digital activity and my stress and anxiety levels. And I do more than ever to keep the latter in check: massages, reflexology, yoga, acupuncture, exec coaching — oh, and lots of wine and off-loading to friends. One thing I haven't yet tried is a digital detox. But the truth is: I am addicted. I find myself craving distraction. I'm a distraction addict and digital is my drug.
—Amanda Davie, "Is our digital behaviour causing bad behaviour?," The Drum, March 13, 2015


gateway vegetable

(名詞) 入門蔬菜 - 一種美味可口的蔬菜,長期食用會激勵食用者更大膽地吃其他蔬菜。cf. gateway drug (入門毒品)。

Healthy eating and weight loss requires vegetables. There's no way around it. Some of us would rather fill our plates with meat and bread. If you discover a "gateway vegetable" you'll start eating them more often.
—Dave Greenbaum, "Discover Your 'Gateway Vegetable' To Start Eating Healthier," Lifehacker Australia, October 12, 2014

We call pea shoots the "gateway vegetable," because when we grow them in the classroom, children just eat them by the fistful until green juice is running down their faces.
—Emily Armstrong, "Harvest of the Month: Pea shoots," Martha's Vineyard Times, February 23, 2015



(形容詞) 極度美味可口的,(尤指含有脂肪、糖和鹽之混合物的食物) 好吃得讓人上癮的。亦寫成 hyper-palatable

The Western world's obesity problem is driven by sugar and saturated fats, which — as my colleague Damian Thompson would tell you — stimulate the brain's reward system just as opioids and other drugs do. The so-called hyperpalatable foods, those loaded with fat, sugar and salt, can cause compulsive behaviour in a way that is very comparable to drug addiction (if you've quit booze for January, you might notice that you're eating more chocolate, to get the sugar fix usually provided by wine).
—Tom Chivers, "Sugar addiction: The best way to increase human freedom may be stricter laws," The Telegraph (London), January 9, 2014

The media have become masters at packaging stimuli in ways that our brains find irresistible, just as food engineers have become expert in creating "hyperpalatable foods by manipulating levels of sugar, fat, and salt." Distractibility might be regarded as the mental equivalent of obesity.
—Matthew Crawford, "The World Beyond Your Head," Farrar, Straus and Giroux, March 31, 2015



(名詞) 包括做臉 (facial) 和全身按摩 (full-body massage) 在內的溫泉療法 (spa treatment)。這個字是由 facial + massage 拼綴而成。

One of their more distinct services, Fassage, combines a full-body massage with a classic facial all in the comfort of one room ($164).
—Catherine Del Casale, "Coastal Fashion: Rehab for the Soul at Spa Gregorie's," Newport Beach Independent, November 27, 2014

Already feeling pretty Zen, I zombie-walked into the relaxation area and to a private room to try a Fassage, whatever that was. Apparently, it's the single most blissful experience one human can apply to another.
—James Diana, "A girly spa from a man's point of view," Orlando Business Journal, March 4, 2015



(名詞) 用來準備、配送和貯藏食物的冷凍技術、建築物及其他人工冷凍來源。這個字是由 cold + landscape 拼綴而成。

These are spaces in which a perpetual winter has distorted or erased seasonality; spaces that are located within an energy-intensive geography of previously unimaginable distance—both mental and physical—between producers and consumers. Artificial refrigeration has reconfigured the contents of our plates and the shape of our cities…

Welcome to the coldscape: the unobtrusive architecture of man's unending struggle against time, distance, and entropy itself.
—Nicola Twilley, "The Coldscape," Cabinet, November 26, 2012

The gigantic tank farms of Tropicana and Citrusuco, the world's largest orange juice producer, occupy one particular corner of the coldscape, with its own specific architecture and quirks.
—Willy Blackmore, "The Big Chill: A Look at America's Coldscape," TakePart, July 22, 2013



(形容詞) 認為吃一隻動物必須從鼻子到尾巴、每個部位 (包括內臟和血液) 都不能浪費的理念或運動的。

The "nose-to-tail" philosophy, which has been so heartily adopted over the past few years, has not been a conscious effort of education, it is for me a byproduct of this search for pleasure.
—Fergus Henderson, "Feet, glands, shanks, tripe. That's what I like to eat," The Observer, April 27, 2014

In culinary terms, it's called nose-to-tail.

It's the basis of traditional European cuisine and the cooking styles of most indigenous populations on Earth. If you're going to bother to hunt and slaughter an animal for food, then every single edible piece of the animal, from its nose to its tail, gets used somehow, some way.
—Neil Godbout, "Wanting a piece of the pie," Prince George Citizen (British Columbia), June 17, 2014